Apply for Congress Today.

Join the dynamic and caring Congress family and bring change to the Marianopolis community. Here are the available second-year positions for Winter 2022:



  1. President 

  2. Vice-President of Administrative Affairs 

  3. Coordinator of Student Advocacy

  4. Coordinator of Social Activities 

  5. Coordinator of Social Justice 


  1. Vice-President of Finance ​​

  2. Coordinator of Communications 


  • To apply for elected positions, you must submit a nomination form with 30 signatures.

  • It is strongly recommended to have read the MSU Constitution.

  • To apply for Vice-President of Finance, you are required to have proficiency in excel, and have skills in punctuality and time management.

  • To apply for Coordinator of Communications, you must be familiar with graphic designing softwares and must obtain website editing skills.

  • CV and a Letter of Intent is required for every position.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at @maristudentunion on Instagram or Marianopolis Student Union on Facebook or to the coordinators currently in position! 


Fall 2021 Application Form

Apply for both elected and appointed positions through this form with your CV, intent letter and Fall schedule. For elected positions, note that you will also need to submit a nomination form with 30 signatures. You can apply for both an elected position and an appointed position.

Fall 2021 Position Nomination Form (for elected positions only):

Fall 2021 Elections Handbook:

Your No. 1 reference throughout the elections, this handbook contains everything you need to know, from detailed descriptions of each position available to electoral guidelines and rules to demerit points to a timeline of the elections. Read it thoroughly and refer back to it when in doubt!

Fall 2021 Master Calender: