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Addendum Marianopolis

The podcast is founded because the members did not want their understanding to be constrained by their Western education: they want to hear and learn the perspective of others as well. That is why this podcast aims to encourage the free-flow of ideas in the form of conversations and interviews. They hope that through their episodes, the listeners as will as the producers will be able to gain to new perspectives on local and international issues.

Artists for Society

Artists for Society’s mission is to help local artists struggling financially due to the prolonged lockdown. By seeking out and collaborating with select local artists from the region of Montreal, Artists for Society would provide professionally-led art workshops to students on a variety of techniques. Additionally, the Club will carry out weekly social media campaigns to increase the visibility of the supported artists. Challenges with prizes will keep you engaged, and constantly brainstorming!

Being-a-Youtuber Club

Being-a-Youtuber club is a club that focus on introducing the Youtube algorithm and how to prepare to be a sucessful Youtuber. Youtubers can join and support each other on Youtuber and discuss the ideas. Workshops of editting and photography will be holded.

Beyond Words

The club’s purpose is to help students appreciate music (mostly classical music), create a medium for students who love music to make friends and discover the beauty and history of music to enrich students’ lives and music knowledge.

Clinical Oncology Donation Association (C.O.D.A.)

C.O.D.A.'s goal is to stand in solidarity with cancer patient and their families. Throughout the year, we organize fundraisers for the Canadian Cancer Society and conduct awareness campaigns for this illness. No one should face cancer alone.

Crossroads (Intersectionality Club)

To bring intersectional activism into everyday life. Intersectionality is recognizing that different social issues are in fact intertwined, and people with multiple parts to their identity have different struggles. Sometimes in activism, some voices are favored and others are suppressed. We have made it our goal to make the most amount of these voices heard.


Enough's Enough is a club that focus on raising awareness of the social issue of childhood trauma, providing resources that help them recover from their childhood adversities to public and supporting traumatized children by collecting funds to charity through major events.

Flag Football Club

It's flag football.

Help the Homeless

The goal of this club is to raise money and awareness for homelessness in the Montréal region.


ImaginAtlas is an online magazine with a focus on speculative fiction such as science-fiction, fantasy and horror. Our purpose is to demonstrate that the upcoming generation is still very much interested in books, and to give them an already established platform where they can share their ideas and opinions.

Japanese Culture Club

To spread our love of the Japanese culture and to meet other like-minded people. To educate people about different aspects of Japan to confront the idea that Japan is all about anime and weird reality TV shows.

Literature Club

This club explores different perspectives of contemporary and traditional literature, ranging from fanfictions to manga and visual novels. Members of this club are expected to learn to appreciate all forms of literature without restricting themselves to only one piece of literature, while also making links to literature’s influence on modern popular culture and daily life.


The MEDLIFE club works with MEDLIFE and low-income communities in Latin America to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development initiatives.

Mari's Legend of Three Kingdoms

MLTK is an recreational club that focuses on the eponymous card-based board game, sometimes also known as Sanguosha. The club hosts tutorials and games between students and lead them to share their game experience with friends while discovering the cultural treasure in the game.


This club spreads knowledge about international forms of film and encourages people to make and create their own works of film.

MariMUN (Marianopolis Model United Nations)

The purpose of the club is to bring together people interested in politics, debating, and the United Nations as a whole. Essentially, club members attend different conferences where they have the opportunity to represent a specific country’s stance on relevant issues discussed in different UN bodies.

Marianopolis AI Club

Hey everyone! If you are interested in programming and learning more about machine learning and deep learning, the Marianopolis AI Club is for you! We accept all members (even if you don't know how to program!) since we will be hosting introductory workshops on Python at the start of the year. We host weekly workshops from computer vision, scikit-learn and pandas, to natural language processing and reinforcement learning and have partner programs where you can work with industry experts 🥳!
Checkout our website at!

Marianopolis Broadcast Network (MBN)

The Marianopolis Broadcast Network (MBN) is a club that provides a platform for students to express themselves through the creation of media videos. The club also strives to provide an educational experience through film and TV related seminars, competitions and outings.

Marianopolis Children's Hospital

The purpose of this club is to organize fundraising initiatives in order to raise money for the Montreal Children”s Hospital. Through gaining greater student participation, it becomes easier to reach a certain goal in terms of monetary contribution to the hospital. The budget money would be needed as an initial budget for fundraising and would serve to plan new projects.

Marianopolis First Aid Team

The Marianopolis First Aid Team, aims to create a safe and health-conscious school environment, while focusing on engaged student involvement. With over one hundred dedicated members, the club provides Marianopolis with a large group of certified first aid responders who patrol the school in weekly shifts. It is essential to have qualified students around the school at all times to offer free health-related information, resources as well as immediate care.

Marianopolis Global Brigades

The Marianopolis Global Brigades Club is based on a 7-10 day humanitarian trip that usually takes place during the last week of May or first week of June. Throughout the year, we fundraise through activities such as bake sales, Christmas log sales and bagging sessions and collect hygienic supplies such as toothbrushes and toothpaste to prepare for the trip. Our destinations range from Guatemala, to Honduras and even Greece. Our work includes performing dental and eye exams, building houses, and teaching kids and adults the importance of hygiene. Together as a team, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Come join us for a once in a lifetime experience!

Marianopolis Investment Club

The Marianopolis Investment Club seeks to engage students who are actively interested in increasing their knowledge on the financial world, as well as provide them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Marianopolis MUHC Foundation Club

The purpose of this club is to support the Montreal General Hospital Foundation through donations and to spread information about the hospital to the student body.

Marianopolis Music Performance Society (MMPS)

The Marianopolis Music Performance Society is a new club formed of the previous MariOrchestra and the Marianopolis Choir Club. Its purpose is to give students who are musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists alike) the opportunity to play music with other students in different ensembles (choir as well as instrumental ensembles).

MIO Nelleke Dagher.

Marianopolis Physics Club

The Marianopolis Physics Club aims to unite curious and passionate students through activities and competitions related to physics. Each meeting and event serves to enhance and stimulate our members” understanding of the world around us. In doing so, our purpose is to create a community among physics lovers to learn beyond the limitations of a classroom.

Marianopolis Propulsion Labs

This club invites students to build rocketry related projects. Whether it is the build of model rockets or of experimental rocket motors, we are open to try new things.

Marianopolis Society of Law

The Marianopolis Society of Law seeks to engage students who are actively interested in increasing their knowledge on the juridical world, as well as providing them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Marianopolis Tech Review

The Marianopolis Tech Review club is a student-run organization that revolves around technology. We bring you the latest news through various articles on our website. With our expertise, we can recommend the most suitable products that would fulfill student needs. We also attend tech conventions throughout the school year to grasp the ever-evolving world of tech. Our club welcomes any tech enthusiasts willing to share their passion.

Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club (Reach For The Top)

The Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club takes part in Reach For The Top, a Canadian trivia championship.

Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization (MYLO)

The purpose of our club is to introduce students to the world of business counselling and help them develop executive skills for a competitive professional environment.

Marianopolis' Female Force

Marianopolis’ Female Force seeks to educate the public and raise awareness concerning various issues affecting women globally.

Music Producer Club

A space where people interested in music production can share their work, talk to others interested in the same thing, collaborate, and learn from one another. People who produce music of any genre are welcome. Even if you are not a producer but are interested in music production, you are welcome to join. If you play instruments, even if you aren’t interested in production, you are very welcome because learning how to record live instrumentation is extremely important.


PassionFruit empowers youth through inspiring projects, each ones being unique “PassionFruit initiatives”. Initiatives can be ideas from the PassionFruit team itself, or by people who show interest for PassionFruit and want to use our platform to expose or build their projects and ideas. In order to deliver our initiatives and bring an impact to the youth, we will expose through many ways, including conferences (virtual or in person), our website, youtube, instagram, and other platforms, the projects accomplished by people of our age that once seemed conventionally impossible or incredible to be accomplished by us. To learn everything about PassionFruit, check out our website:

Power to Change

Financial assistance for those in need for Christian activities, retreats and events.

Robotics Club

The robotics club is an organized team of hand-picked students that compete in a Montreal-wide collegiate level competition. The club must create a video, a kiosk, two robots (one programmed and one remote controlled) and a website before a given deadline.

Silver Key

Silver Key is a club of Marianopolis student ambassadors. The club also fundraises for a Silver Key scholarship.

Study Sheep

The Study Sheeps Club aims to promote Marianopolis’ students’ well-being and time management/organization skills by initiating safe in-person and virtual study sessions, where students can be motivated to work and help each other out! This club also encourages a healthy sleep schedule while balancing school workload through online presence and relaxing activities.

The Friendship Circle Club

The purpose of this club is to fundraise for the Friendship Circle, an international non-profit organization for children and young adults with special needs. Our mission is aimed at raising social awareness with respect to those with special needs at to decrease the stigma surrounding it. We want to share our methods of open-mindedness with the Marianopolis community so that we break down barriers to inclusion. We also aim to educate young adults on how to work with children with special needs.

The Marianopolis Biology Club

We aim to provide a medium for students to gather together, discuss, and share findings about biology.

The Marianopolis Stressolics Anonymous Club

The Stressolics Anonymous is a student support group that promotes mental health awareness and offers support for students going through difficult times. The organization was founded in a belief that no one should go through hard times by themselves; the club offers a safe environment in which students can share their issues, receive advice and most importantly not feel alone by arranging sessions for students to hangout together.

The Programming Club

The Marianopolis Programming Club seeks to demystify the world of programming and promote the importance of computational literacy in today”s society. We also aim to provide a medium for enthusiastic programmers to discover new developments in computation and apply their computer science knowledge to real-world problems.

The Unheard Voices Book Club

The purpose of this club is not only to encourage reading and to meet people who share the same literary passions as yourself, but also to promote diversity in literature and to allow people to discover a wider range of perspectives and voices. Therefore, this book club encourages its members to pick books written by marginalized authors, authors of colour, or books that offer a realistic representation of marginalized groups.

Werewolf Club

Werewolf is a strategic board game of truth and deception. This club aims to enhance logic and strategic thinking while improving public speech skills.

Amnesty International Marianopolis

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization which protects and promotes human rights on a global scale. In addition, the Marianopolis AI club will stretch further than strictly AI related issues and intends to inform young people of current events and injustices around the world.


The Boba Club is for the lovers of boba tea. Our purpose is to give people more information about the boba culture and have chances to make boba tea by themselves.

Best Before

This club's main target is to raise awareness of food waste and food insecurity by connecting willing restaurants or small businesses to food banks or individuals who could benefit from high-quality leftovers. It also aims to promote food frugality by reducing the edible produce we buy but throw away, such as by planning meals before shopping or sharing food with neighbours or friends.


This club aims to produce weekly podcasts that discuss a variety of topics pertaining to school, relationships, and lifestyle. The podcast offers a conversational form of entertainment that is hosted by students for students. The particular focus is to target first year students transitioning from high school to CEGEP. All supplementary club funding is donated to a charity of our choosing.

Comic Book Club

The main purpose of this club is to give the possibility to students to express and share their passion for comics while also offering the chance to meet new friends that possess similar interests.


DECA is a nonprofit student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. By joining the DECA community, students will have access to all types of resources that are offered by DECA. Providing various activities including project-based learning, DECA makes learning beyond the classroom possible. With DECA, students will not only share academic success but also develop leadership skills and team spirit that will later help them succeed in life.

Eldercare Club

Promote/Expose fellow students to volunteerism in elderly community. Help students understand the importance of geriatrics as well as the needs of the elderly. Advocate against ageism. Raise money for Jewish Eldercare Centre (JEC). Give students a chance to volunteer and explore a new side of healthcare.

Gray Matters

The Brain Foundation of Canada is determined to make the journey with a brain tumour one full of hope and support. Gray Matters will work to raise awareness as well as fundraise for this organization. Additionally, this club will aim to stimulate the scientific interest and involvement of fellow students through seminars about brain tumours and neuroscience

Hillel Marianopolis

The purpose of this club is to engage Jewish students in Jewish life and to share Jewish life and culture with the student body of Marianopolis. This is achieved by recognizing Jewish holidays and aspects of Jewish culture through events such as lunch-and-learns, speakers, and having a known presence in the College.

Interact Club of Marianopolis

Raising money for humanitarian causes that we hold at heart, raising awareness, volunteer our time to the community, put some good in the world while working with friends.

LGBTQ+ Marianopolis

To promote awareness of, provide support to, host events associated with, and represent the LGBTQ+ community of Marianopolis College.To bring together queer students within the College through discussions and bonding time so that they might feel a sense of solidarity and familiarity amongst people with similar experiences.

Little Princess Trust Club

Little Princess Trust Club partners with the nonprofit organization Little Princess Trust in England. We aim to raise awareness of cancer as well as encourage people to donate their hair and money in order to make wigs for little girls who lost their hair to that evil sickness.

Mari's Creative Writing Peer Edit Group

To write creatively with no judgement and to get feedback from peers.



This club enhances student life and community interactions, fosters a safe and inclusive environment for all people and aims to break down language barriers in the community and at the College.


SciCom sparks curiosity for science and scientific thinking in children. Our goal is to establish a platform that nourishes young curiosity and expands minds in creative and amusing ways: comic books!

Marianopolis Black Student Union

This club raises awareness for issues Black people and Black communities face, creates a sense of community for all Black members of Marianopolis College.

Marianopolis CEVES

Known as the CEVES (Coalition Étudiante pour un Virement Environnemental et Social) in French, the Student Coalition for an Environmental and Social Transition is a province-wide student-led movement dedicated to pushing leaders to take immediate action against climate change. The Coalition has a committee is almost every high school, CÉGEP and university across Quebec. Each committee is in charge of awareness-raising, recruiting students, voting on new projects, mobilizing local communities, and most importantly, turning the Coalition into an international environmental movement. Greta Thunberg has already been contacted!

Marianopolis Chinese Student Association

Our goal is to promote popular Chinese/Asian culture, encourage team-building, and involve students in event planning, as well as extending leadership and organization skills by hosting shows replicating popular reality tv shows.

Marianopolis For The Boys Club

Provide an environment where men are encouraged to talk about their problems and issues. Talk about the pressures put on men to fulfill certain roles in society. Help guys open up about their emotions and teach them tools to better communicate and use in other aspects of their life. Normalize conversations about emotions and make these conversations less stigmatized. Create a feeling of community and a safe place for the club’s members.

Marianopolis Golf Club

Bring together Marianopolis golfers to participate in team/individual events, play fantasy golf and particpate in tournaments.

Marianopolis Kinball Club

Kinball is a mixed team sport that requires little equipment or experience and can be played in the gym as well as outdoors. Even if the club cannot organize in person activities this semester, it will likely be able to host practices and games in the summer as well as online workouts.

Marianopolis Math Club (Marianopolis Mathematics Association)

The club name is self explanatory, we can discuss about anything related to maths and of course solve neat problems. It’s a nice place to also meet people who have similar interests in math and sciences. We prepare for the math competitions that we can do at the CEGEP (the Waterloo, AMC, AMQ competitions).

Marianopolis News Blitz

The Marianopolis World Review is a student-run newspaper that focuses on debating relevant social, political, environmental, and economic issues, as well as covering Congress’ actions and activities that occur on campus. We strive to inform and provoke critical thinking in students as well as to enable aspiring writers to perfect their craft.

Marianopolis Ping Pong Club

This clubs unites students who play ping pong and give others the opportunity to learn and develop their skills.

MIO Melody Zuo

Marianopolis Research Team

The Marianopolis Research Team (MRT) seeks to provide CEGEP students with professional experience in research fields. Members are given the chance to write and publish articles, allowing them to hone their critical and scientific thinking. The club holds regular seminars, field trips and talks so that students may connect with professors, graduate students and undergraduate peers in their dream career domain.

Marianopolis South Asian Student Club (Desi Club)

Promote South Asian culture and diversity by organizing cultural events and break the cultural barrier and stigma faced in South Asia.

Marianopolis Thinking Club

Here, at the Marianopolis Thinking Club, we discuss and exchange ideas on various ethical and philosophical subjects. The goal is to provide an environment where students can improve their critical thinking skills, re-examine their beliefs, and refine their opinions as they are exposed to different points of view. We aim to challenge each other intellectually through discussions in order to deepen and nuance our thoughts and reflections.

Marianopolis Urban Roots

Like trees? Plants? Nature? Gardening? Climate? If any of those got you thinking then this can be the club for you! Urban Roots is a club dedicated to inspiring social change through gardening. This is where you can learn how to garden, and learn more about climate change through the cooperative projects that will be completed throughout the year. Hope to see you there!

Marianopolis x Red Cross

Marianopolis for Red Cross is a student organization that raises awareness and provides students with opportunities to volunteer and contribute to vulnerable populations both locally and internationally through the Canadian Red Cross and our registered committee.

Mari’s Beauty Care Corner

Mari’s Beauty Care Corner is a club that teaches students basic makeup skills and skin care routine. It aims to provide students an opportunity to express themselves artistically and to manage stress with the wonderful Marianopolis lifestyle.

Muslim Student Association

The purpose of the Muslim Student Association is to bring together Muslims from different backgrounds and cultures at the college, offer Friday prayers and to reach out to those who are not Muslim to clear up common misconceptions in an inclusive and proactive manner.

Paws for the Cause

Organize activities involving shelter animals and animal therapy.

REDES Ecovillages Club

S'unir Pour Soutenir

Street Roses

The purpose of this non-profit organization is to raise money through fundraisers in order to then distribute food and necessities to the homeless people of Montreal. As such, we plan on volunteering in shelters during Winter break.


TEDxMarianopolisCollege is a student-led initiative whose mission is to allow diverse individuals to share their ideas worth spreading in an environment that is lively, accepting, and innovative.

The Holly Jolly Holidays Club

The HJH Club is a club that will come in service to the less fortunate women in Montreal. Our goal is to make Holiday baskets for families who struggle year long financially. We wish to spread some holiday cheer this year!

The Marianopolis Debate Society

The Marianopolis Debate Society aims to help students to improve their debating and speaking skills, expand their worldview, and compete in high-level university debate tournaments, while being part of a fun, welcoming community of debaters.

The Marianopolis Theatre Company

The Marianopolis Theatre Company dedicates itself to putting on ground-breaking and innovative theatre productions in an effort to educate, entertain and ultimately bring people together. From full-length Broadway shows to cabaret, the Marianopolis Theatre Company promises to bringing good theatre to the college community every year as well as support theatre-funded AIDs research.

The Romanian Voice of Marianopolis

Shedding light on Romanian culture and creating a safe space for students to speak and learn about the language and the country.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Get together and play games of Ultimate Frisbee! This club holds practices every week at Westmount Park and joins a collegial league to play Ultimate Frisbee against other CEGEP teams, such as Brebeuf, Dawson and Saint-Laurent.

Women In Science, Empowered (W.I.S.E)

WISE is a club to empower women and other underrepresented minorities in the field of science.

Art History Club

Passionate about art? You always end up in museums? The Art History Club exists to regroup ones that live for sculptures and paintings. Why not learn about history and culture while making new friends?

Badminton Club

Best Buddies

Best Buddies Canada is a national non-profit charitable organization dedicated to creating friendships between students and people with intellectual disabilities. Friendship makes a difference!

Chemistry Club

This club creates an environment for students who are passionate about Chemistry to meet, know and communicate their passion. It provides students with a unique opportunity to experience Chemistry beyond the classroom and helps them enhance their understanding and interest in Chemistry.

Computer Science and Entrepreneurship Club (C.S.E.)

The C.S.E. Club stands for the computer science and Entrepreneurship club. Our mission is to inspire the next generations of of creators and innovation through teaching valuable skills in computer science and business.

Descendants of the Dragon

The purpose of our club is to introduce Marianopolis students to the unique experience of dragon boat and to encourage them to participate in physical activities while having fun. We also introduce members to other dragon boat clubs that they might want to join in the future to further enrich their dragon boat experience.


This magazine aims to produce monthly issues full of exciting art pieces and incredible written works. The mixture of drawings, photographs, poems, short stories, and entertaining and scientific articles, all touching on limitless topics, hopes to come off as a cross between the serious, informative New York Times, and the playful, daring Vogue.

Green Team

The Green Team seeks to minimize the impacts of the climate crisis and raise awareness among the Marianopolis student body. As a group of students interested in environmental issues, we wish to explore the different changes we can initiate at school, in our daily lives, and in our community in the hope of protecting our environment for future generations.

Humans for Humanity

H4H Is a club where all religions, faiths and cultures unite to do good for the world’s global community, our local community and college. Humans 4 humanity is a social awareness, bridge building , volunteering group. Overall all humans from any walk of life coming together as one to repair the world with acts of kindness, an ideology called Tikkun Olam. This ideology and club welcome everyone and purpose is to spread light through learning about each others cultures and through other various was of volunteering and performing acts of kindness within our community and school. Marianopolis is the only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think about mental health. With initiatives and programs designed for young people, by young people, we will end stigma in our generation. We believe that the inclusiveness of our outreach strategy will shatter the stigma and will lead to real and substantial long-term change. The vision is “No More Silence” on the subject of mental health. In short, we want to save and improve the lives of young people.

Liberal Party of Marianopolis

Gather the young liberals of Marianopolis who want to see progression and diversity happen in the heart of Canada – the Liberal Party of Marianopolis is a group for individuals with interests in politics, news, elections and/or opportunities to work with the Federal Liberal Party of Canada.


Mari's Got Talent

This club aims to provide an outlet for students to show case their talent, raise money for the Mari’s Got Talent Scholarship, awarded to an incoming first-year student who demonstrates passion and talent for any form of art including Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performing, and Film.


We believe in the power of open collaboration and establishing an ecosystem that can truly have an impact. The club was founded to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and develop the qualities of great leaders within Marianopolis students. We strive to inform students of the available resources to start a company and establish a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship within the college.


MariHome is a club for students far from home. We are dedicated to provide intercultural communication, as well as sufficient help and guidance for international students and new immigrants. We also encourage students who want to help and learn about new cultures to join.


The purpose is to engage in activities and lectures related to popular science, especially having to do with astrophysics and astronomy. We are also interested in organizing a field trip regarding astronomy.

Marianopolis Blockchain Club

The blockchain is an internet technology that aim to built an de-centralized network. It has been used in many areas like bitcoin and smart contract. The club will discuss the latest news and the advanced technologies of blockchain and develop blockchain application. We aim to discover and bring the blockchain applications to the campus.

Marianopolis Chess Club

The Chess Club aims to have more people play chess, to involve people to play online tournaments and to teach chess strategies.

Marianopolis Culinary Club

Here at the Marianopolis Culinary Club, we are all about food. Whether you’ve never held a kitchen knife before or you already own a Michelin-starred restaurant, you are welcome to join us on our food-ventures to taste, learn, and create new recipes. Throughout the year, we will host relaxing gatherings for those who simply want to cook for fun, but we will also host competitions for those who wish to show off their skills.

Marianopolis Gaming Club

This club aims to provide students of Marianopolis with on and off-campus opportunities to share the passion of Gaming with students both within and outside the College.

Marianopolis Hallyu

The ultimate goal is to hold a large end-of-the-year show promoting the Kpop culture as well as Marianopolis. In our journey towards this endeavour, we encourage students to express their passion for singing, dancing, music, and acting through teamwork and dedication while fostering a loving and supportive environment.

Marianopolis Literary Magazine

The Marianopolis Literary Magazine provides a platform on which writers and artists in the Marianopolis community can express themselves and be noticed and makes space for these voices and ideas to be heard.

Marianopolis Montreal Chinese Hospital Club

The Montreal Chinese Hospital (MCH) Volunteering Club unites a group of active and caring student volunteers who seek to positively impact the lives of the MCH's senior residents. Volunteers contribute their time and skills to participate in the hospital's intergenerational recreation program and special events, enjoying a sense of purpose while enriching the lives of our gonggongs and popos. If you are looking to join our team, please email or DM @mch_volunteering on Instagram.

Marianopolis Oxfam & Fair Trade Club (MOFT)

The purpose of the Fair Trade club is to educate, raise awareness on how our consumption of our day-to-day life can affect millions of lives around the world, and to promote local fair trade products through campaigns and conferences. We will also work closely with Oxfam Quebec, as a “groupe campus”, on the initiative called “Magasin du Monde”, to incorporate fair trade products on campus.

Marianopolis Pre-Med Club

This club aims to get tips on admissions to medicine and dentistry, get an idea of the diversity of the field, and bring together prospective applicants (both 1st years and 2nd years) to medicine and dentistry.

Marianopolis Shriners Children's Hospital Club

Our club's goal is to volunteer, fundraise, and raise awareness for the Shriners Children's hospital. This hospital aids children with neuromusculoskeletal diseases, conditions, and injuries.

Marianopolis Student Volunteer Interpreters

Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club

Marianopolis Vegan Club

Our aim is to promote veganism and expose students to the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet. Through outings, lectures, and activities, we hope to educate and inspire healthy and conscientious lifestyle choices.

Marianopolis' 24H

The Marianopolis 24H club seeks to raise money for juvenile cancer through the annual 24H of Tremblant skiing event. Join us, from December 4th-6th for 24 hours of non-stop skiing with the goal to raise as much money as possible. This is also a great way to meet other like-minded skiers and bond over an après-ski!

Meme Inc.

Operation Smile Marianopolis

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other dental and facial conditions. The objective of this club is to raise awareness and funds for children with facial deformities irrespective of where they live and/or their socio-economic condition.

Photography Club

The purpose of this club is to offer amateur photographers an opportunity to explore their photography abilities in an environment that expands their knowledge about the art and allows them to implement this skill into day to day activities or for a specific purpose. The Photography Club seeks to offer registered students helpful workshops as well as rewarding them for their implication by showcasing their artwork in exhibits around the school.

Reconciliation Club

The Reconciliation club aims to sensitize Marianopolis students to the history and culture of Indigenous peoples in Canada, mainly through the Circles for Reconciliation. The Circles are mediated discussions bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to foster understanding. The Reconciliation club will work jointly with MSU Congress' social justice committee in order to bring about an indigenization of the Marianopolis campus as well as with the Litmag club to amplify the voices of the Circle participants.

To participate in the Circles for Reconciliation discussions, sign-up through this form:

Sex & Gender

This club is first and foremost dedicated to the study of sexuality and gender, providing a safe and welcoming space for students interested in the topic to learn about it : to read about it, to talk about it openly, to engage with their peers on an academic level, and to learn from experts.

Student Volunteer Interpreters' goal is to improve the health care experience for allophone patients and health care providers around Montreal. Our group of more than 100 student volunteers interpret for over 15 languages from 9 am to midnight. We are well-trained, motivated, and ready to offer our language skills at a moment's notice.

The Creative Route

At The Creative Route, we want to offer a chance for all aspiring artists of Marianopolis to participate in fun local and intercollegiate art competitions as well as help local communities by collecting funds for charities during major events!

The Hot Potato Initiative Marianopolis

The Hot Potato Initiative is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and engage young Canadians in the conversation about homelessness.

The Marianopolis Papercut

The PaperCut newspaper has been present amongst Marianopolites for over 40 years. Our purpose is to bring back the tradition of the newspaper while moving forwards with our vision and that of past executives. We aim to provide a safe and creative platform for student expression, and hope to grow the PaperCut’s readership this year.

The Pink Plan

The purpose of this club is to bring awareness to the fact that women who are in bad situations, such as homelessness, don’t have access to basic hygienic products and toiletries. We also hope to raise funds to purchase and donate these items to women living in local shelters.

The Thought Marianopolis Discussion Club

The Thought is a club dedicated to the promotion of polite debate, healthy discourse, and diversity of opinion on campus and outside of it. It will be the club’s foremost priority to assure that all feel comfortable to express their opinion in a calm and civilized atmosphere.

Urmul Trust Club

This club gathers donations for Urmul Trust, provides funding support for formation & strengthening peer groups of adolescent girls to end child marriage, supports girl education, and more

Young Executives Business Club

The aim of the club is to build a stronger, better and closer community of like-minded youth who carry an interest in the world of business. Members can network together with special guest speakers, invited to Marianopolis College by the YEBC executive team and its faculty advisors. Prior club guests have included visionaries, executives and self-made entrepreneurs, all of whom share a common goal: to educate and motivate the brightest minds of tomorrow.

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