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Photo credits: Clement Ba (Photography & Videography Club)

Hallyu XV

Our mission is to propagate our passion for dancing, singing, rapping, and evening playing an instrument. We accomplish this mission by performing at several events to showcase our efforts and our skills.

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Twice a week.

Activities (last year): Welcome back event, bake sale, rose sale, dating show dance number and end of year Hallyu show.

Want to join? Contact David Sun by Mio!

Young Mind Magazine

Welcome to Young Mind Magazine, where the magics of imagination and written words happen! If you are looking to enhance your writing skills, to let your wildest thoughts and stories roam free, and/or to simply let your writings be seen by others, Young Mind Magazine is the perfect platform for you! In this club, you will be able to share your favorite stories with your peers, discuss concepts with professional writers, and enjoy with friends the most relaxing reading/writing sessions the college has to offer. We will provide you with weekly prompts that can allow for the most unexpected and diverse stories. Moreover, we seek to publish your works in the form of organized literary magazines every semester. This club is focused on creating works of all genres of fiction, with a consistent theme of “Fantasy and Imagination”. However, this does not mean you can only submit fictional stories to us, as all types of literary creations are welcome, including academic essays you write for class!

Meetings: Every week during AP (possibly on Thursdays)

Activities: Write short stories together, read and share stories, meet with professional writers, submit your writings to be published on our magazine each semester.

Want to join? 

Debate Society

To promote discussion and debate on controversial issues and hone public speaking skills.

Members (last year): 20

Meetings: Once a week, during AP.

Activities: Debate rounds with other club members.

Want to join? Contact Yu Ran Wang by Mio!

The Great Mari Bake Off

Calling all experienced and inexperienced Marianopolis Bakers (as well as the curious-minded ;)) Ever wanted to compete on those TV Baking shows? Get ready to whisk it all and we'll make those sweet dreams come true ~ Our meetings will happen once a month in person, our activities include taste test and voting for your favourite dessert.

Meetings: Thursday

Activities: Baked goods tasting and judging.

Want to join? 


The purpose of MariMUN (Model United Nations) is to bring together people interested in politics, debating, and the United Nations as a whole. Essentially, club members attend different conferences where they have the opportunity to represent a specific country's stance on relevant issues discussed in different UN bodies.

Members (last year): 21
Meetings: Meetings: Once a month during AP or in the evenings on campus.

Activities (last year): Training sessions and attending other MUN conferences.

Want to join?

The News Blitz

The Marianopolis News Blitz is a student-run newspaper that focuses on debating relevant issues, discussing the impact of modern art on society, as well as covering Congress’ actions and activities that occur on campus; we are the primary source of news of global and school events for Marianopolis students.

Members (last year): 14
Meetings: 2 or 3 times in the whole year, writing without meetings

Activities (last year): Students write on what they want to write, covering Marianopolis student life events and guest speakers.

Want to join? Contact Demetra Kritsidimas by Mio!

Young Poet's Society

A community of people whose goal is to help foster the best possible environment for young poets and writers as well as aspiring poets and writers. We share each other's (and established writer's) poetry, write together, engage in writing activities and workshops and help spread a general appreciation for creative writing!

Meetings: Once a week, either Tuesday or Thursday during AP

Activities: Collective poetry writing sessions (where we all brainstorm and write one original piece)

Want to join? Contact Zaeem Hossain to sign up!

The First Beat

The First Beat welcomes all musicians and singers to share their love for music through fun and exciting performances as small music ensembles.

Meetings: Tuesdays during AP

Activities: Performances in hospitals, senior centers, kindergarten/primary schools, at graduation, etc.

Want to join? Contact Isabelle Wang!

Photography & Videography Club

The goal of our club is to gather the students who are interested in photography or videography in Marianopolis. We will develop many different skills throughout this semester. You don't need to be professional, we also welcome beginners to join our club. Come join us and learn some useful skills while having fun!

Activities: Learn how to take and edit photos and videos with practicing on the campus and at other places. We will also study some knowledge about cameras and other equipments. There are also workshops on drones: using drones for control and filming, and even learning how to set up and build drones.

Want to join? 

MarianArtist World

MarianArtist World aims to let students enjoy drawing and encourage them to show their creativity, wether they are expertises or just getting started, we always provide a friendly environment for students to discuss their artwork and obsorb the experience form each other to improve themselves.

Meetings: Once a week during AP

Activities: Teamwork drawing, individual drawing contest, drawing workshop and art sale.

Want to join? Contact Yan Yu by Mio!

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club strives to provide an inviting space for students to take a break by sharing their culture through food or by learning to prepare food.

Members (last year): 50

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester, online or on campus.

Activities (last semester): Snow cone sale, cotton candy sale, cooking along streams on Discord

Want to join? 

Marianopolis Rock Band

Do you want to find a platform where you can form a band? Are you still going through the fact that you can't find a teammate to play music with, even though you have great talent? This is a wonderful platform where everyone can find their teammates and form their own band.

Meetings: Every APs

Activities: Playing music in general

Want to join? Contact Yuke Wu, Yiwen Su or Minyi Yuan by MiO!

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy club will allow you to learn and develop your thought processes, views, curiosity, and eloquence through philosophical discussions.

Meetings: Once a week during AP on campus.

Activities: Philosophical discussions.

Want to join? 
Questions? Contact Arash Meghdadi Esfahani by Mio!

Daemon's Quill

Dear Writers, Join us if you love writing, if you love learning about writing, and if you want a safe space to awaken your potential.

Activities: Workshops, kahoots, get feedback, literary magazine...

Want to join? 

Music Discovery

Exploring new genres, styles and eras of popular music to expand your knowledge of the medium, encourage delving further into new music, and allow you to recognize music as more than just background noise.

Meetings: 1:00-1:45 Tuesdays

Activities: Listening sessions, group sharing and discussion about music listened to on own time, presentations about certain musical concepts

Want to join? 


MariMode is a club that aims to discuss, appreciate and promote different personal styles emerging from various cultures and interests with a focus on sustainability.

Meetings: Once to twice a month

Activities: Social media content, thrifting event, fashion show

Want to join? 

The Creative Route

Members (last year): 15-20

Meetings: Once a month during AP or during weekends on campus or on Discord.

Activities (last year): ArtCon with Origami Club or Santropol Fundraiser.

Our club focuses on nurturing a community of student artists and raise funds and awareness to prevalent social issues through art activities.

Want to join? Contact Norah Dupont by Mio!


We make movies and share our love for films.

Members (last year): 29

Meetings: Once a month during AP or during the weekend on campus and on Zoom.

Activities (last year): Film festival (showcased student-made short films and gave awards) and movie streaming.

Want to join? Contact Vanessa Nseir by Mio!

Mari On Air

Mari On Air is a student life news channel and radio that reports on current events within student life at the College through the creation of weekly videos and intercom announcements during AP.

Members (last year): 10

Meetings: 2x per week (1 during AP, 1 after school, days tbd)

Activities: ^kinda same thing as club description^

Want to join? 

ae Studio

ae studio at Marianopolis is a nonprofit club to provide an opportunity for students to explore their creativity through the form of artistic creation, more specifically, accessories making. We organize tutorial sessions (with provided materials) to the students during the activity period to enhance their creativity skills.

Meetings: Once or twice per month

Activities: Tutorial sessions, collaborate with charitable organizations.

Want to join? 

Origami Club 

We teach club members how to make different origami creations and spend our club meetings making origami in a relaxed and casual setting.

Members (last year): 10
Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Participated in ArtCon and sold origami to raise money for War Child Foundation

Want to join? Contact Stavroula Markomanolaki by Mio!

Sign Language Club

The Sign Language Club has one principal goal: offering the opportunity for students and staff members to learn the basics of ASL! It is the best way to communicate with deaf and hearing impaired people and can be useful in public situations. Ultimately, the club hopes to raise awareness about Deaf Culture and aims to make our society more inclusive.

Times: Every week.

Activities: Weekly meet to learn basics of ASL and engage in conversations, Deaf Culture exploration, speakers, movie screenings.

Want to join? 

The MariJazz Band

The MariJazz Band brings together Marianopolis students passionate about playing jazz music. Our mission is to form a community of performers and audience members devoted to spreading joy, self-expression and inspiration through jazz as an art form and a way of life.

Times: Once a week during AP.

Activities: Performances within and outside the college.

Want to join? 


MariChess is a chess club for all skill levels, offering competitive and casual play, plus opportunities to learn from better players. Drop by during Thursdays on AP for casual chess.

Times: 1-2 times a week, casual: attendance non-mandatory.

Activities: Casual chess, tournaments, chess variants, Marianopolis Chess Ladder.

Want to join? 

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