Big Clubs

These clubs had over 50 members last semester, and are at the center of the Marianopolis student life.

Basketball Club

Intramural Basketball League

Members (last year): 61

Meetings: Once a week during AP.

Activities: Basketball Games

Want to join? Contact Younes Baba Saci by Mio!

Marianopolis Pre-Med Society

Bring together students interested in medicine in an informative and inclusive and environment.

Members (last year): 150-300

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester after school on Zoom

Activities (last year): Conferences with medical students and doctors as well as interview preparation.

Want to join? Contact Mia Su by Mio!

Marianopolis Math Club

The Marianopolis Math Club (Marianopolis Mathematics Association) is a club for and by students interested in mathematics! We will cover cool math topics not usually seen in schools and prepare for math contests.

Members (last year): 98

Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Problem-solving meetings, contest- focused sessions and events like the Integration Bee.

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Marianopolis Science Society

Comprised of the former Physics and Chemistry Clubs, the MSS focuses on stimulating the member's interests in science and encouraging a development of scientific reasoning.

Members (last year): 40

Meetings: To be determined.

Activities: Competitions for cash prizes (Kahoots), small scientific activities and guest speaker panels.

Want to join? Contact Max Chen Huang by Mio!

Grey Matters Movement

Grey Matters will work to raise awareness as well as fundraise for the Brain Foundation of Canada. This club will also aim to stimulate the scientific interest and involvement of fellow students through seminars about brain tumors and neuroscience.

Members (last year) 60
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Conference with a Marianopolis professor, sheep brain dissection and a visit to the Neurological Institute.

Want to join? Contact Mayuura Rajendram by Mio!

Silver Key

We are the official student ambassadors of Marianopolis College. Through our involvement in an array of events and activities related to the recruitment of new students, such as Open House, Silver Key's goal is to portray the dynamic and nurturing school spirit present within the Marianopolis community to prospective students and their parents.

Members (last year): 40
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP or after school on Fridays on campus or on Zoom.

Activities (last year): Campus tours during open house, online high school visits or registration helplines.

Want to join? Contact Stevia Andreou  by Mio!

Hallyu XV

Our mission is to propagate our passion for dancing, singing, rapping, and evening playing an instrument. We accomplish this mission by performing at several events to showcase our efforts and our skills.

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Twice a week.

Activities (last year): Welcome back event, bake sale, rose sale, dating show dance number and end of year Hallyu show.

Want to join? Contact David Sun by Mio!

Anime Club

Show and talk about Japanese animation, anime, to likeminded people and be a place for them to talk freely

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Once a month during Friday evening or during the weekend on Discord.

Activities (last year): Anime streaming and game night.

Want to join? Contact Mia Yu by Mio!

Chinese Student Association

Our goal is to promote popular Chinese/Asian culture, encourage team-building, and involve students in event planning, as well as extending leadership and organization skills by hosting shows replicating popular reality tv shows.

Members (last year): 100
Meetings: Once every two weeks during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Dating show, mid-autumn festival, Chinese New Year celebration and Fantuan collaborations.

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Descendants of the Dragon

The purpose of our club is to introduce Marianopolis students to the unique experience of dragon boat and to encourage them to participate in physical activities while having fun. We also introduce members to other dragon boat clubs that they might want to join in the future to further enrich their dragon boat experience.

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Rose sale, bake sale, weekly practices, PA workouts, summer practices and competitions.

Want to join? Contact Justine Lin by Mio!

Marianopolis Tennis Club

We organize tennis matches between members at their local courts.

Number of Active Members (last year): About 50

Meetings: None
Activities (last year): 
Tennis Matches (around 30 matches organized during the fall)

Want to join? Contact Emma Asheghian by Mio!


Since 2008, the Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization (MYLO) has been a leading business club on leadership/career development, business, and teamwork. MYLO helps its members develop executive skills for a competitive professional environment.

Members (last year): 60
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus

Activities: Beginner-friendly business case studies/competitions, Workshops/seminars (CV, careers, business schools), and Internship opportunities.

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Culinary Club

The Culinary Club strives to provide an inviting space for students to take a break by sharing their culture through food or by learning to prepare food.

Members (last year): 50

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester, online or on campus.

Activities (last semester): Snow cone sale, cotton candy sale, cooking along streams on Discord

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The News Blitz

The Marianopolis News Blitz is a student-run newspaper that focuses on debating relevant issues, discussing the impact of modern art on society, as well as covering Congress’ actions and activities that occur on campus; we are the primary source of news of global and school events for Marianopolis students.

Members (last year): 14
Meetings: 2 or 3 times in the whole year, writing without meetings

Activities (last year): Students write on what they want to write, covering Marianopolis student life events and guest speakers.

Want to join? Contact Demetra Kritsidimas by Mio!

AI Club

Come have fun learning machine learning (get it?) and deep learning in Python! This club is beginner-friendly and very chill: coding experience is not required!

Members (last year): 57

Meetings: Twice a week during AP on campus.

Activities: Weekly Workshops on introductory Python and deep learning (computer vision, natural language processing, and more!)

Want to join? Contact James Liang by Mio!
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The purpose of MariMUN (Model United Nations) is to bring together people interested in politics, debating, and the United Nations as a whole. Essentially, club members attend different conferences where they have the opportunity to represent a specific country's stance on relevant issues discussed in different UN bodies.

Members (last year): 21
Meetings: Meetings: Once a month during AP or in the evenings on campus.

Activities (last year): Training sessions and attending other MUN conferences.

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Montreal Chinese Hospital Club

The MCH Club unites student volunteers who seek to positively impact the lives of the MCH's senior residents. Volunteers participate in the hospital's intergenerational recreation program and special events, enriching the lives of our gonggongs and popos. Join us for in-person volunteering!

Members (last year): 40

Activities (last year): Weekly or bi-weekly volunteering at the Montreal Chinese Hospital

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