Business Clubs

Interested in investing, starting a business, or learning how to be a leader? If so, these clubs are for you.
Photo credits: Clement Ba (Photography & Videography Club)


Since 2008, the Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization (MYLO) has been a leading business club on leadership/career development, business, and teamwork. MYLO helps its members develop executive skills for a competitive professional environment.

Members (last year): 60
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus

Activities: Beginner-friendly business case studies/competitions, Workshops/seminars (CV, careers, business schools), and Internship opportunities.

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Young Executives Business Club

The Young Executives Business Club invites you to join its community of like-minded and ambitious students who are interested in the real world of business! No prior knowledge of business required.

Members (last year): 45
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Insightful business guest speaker talks (business professionals are invited to Marianopolis), and Workshops on business/entrepreneurship (business principles, making money online, side hustles...)

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Investment Club

The Marianopolis Investment Club is the premier finance and investment club for young investors at Marianopolis. Whether you have no idea what a stock is or have outperformed the S&P 500 for the past 20 years, this club is for you!

Members (last year): 35

Meetings: Once a month during AP.

Activities: Workshops/presentations (on investing, finance, personal finance), Discussions, Stock market competitions, Kahoot games, and Finance movie.

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