Cultural Clubs

Marianopolis is a diverse and open community of students. Here, you can find clubs that explore the traditions, the holidays, and the values of some of our cultures.

South Asian (Desi) Club

Promote South Asian culture and diversity by organizing cultural events and break the cultural barrier and stigma faced in South Asia.

Members (last year): 30
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Henna stands and club reunions

Want to join? Contact Mathew Petros by Mio!

Romanian Voice of Marianopolis

Members (last year): 34
Meetings: AP, twice a month

Activities (last year): Bake sale for Ukraine, educational posts about Romania and creating mural representing Romanian traditions.

To provide Romanians and any other Marianopolites interested in Romania with a place to connect with its culture and other members, in order to ultimately create a tighter-knit community.

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Muslim Student Association

The MSA aims to create a safe environment and community for Marianopolis' Muslim students. By organizing social activities and providing a prayer room, we hope to enhance Muslims' experience at the college.

Members (last year): 25

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.
Activities: Introductory meeting at the beginning of the year, volunteering opportunities, Ramadan Iftar and a Eid party.

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Chinese Student Association

Our goal is to promote popular Chinese/Asian culture, encourage team-building, and involve students in event planning, as well as extending leadership and organization skills by hosting shows replicating popular reality tv shows.

Members (last year): 100
Meetings: Once every two weeks during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Dating show, mid-autumn festival, Chinese New Year celebration and Fantuan collaborations.

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Black Student Union

To promote multiculturalism within Marianopolis and strengthen the bond of the Black student body at Mari.

Members (last year): 16

Meetings: Once a week, during AP.

Activities: Games, movies, fundraisers, discussions

Want to join? Contact Emma-Sheryl Nana by Mio!