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Meet The Candidates

Coordinator of Social Activities

Hala Aboasali

Hi everyone! I have lots to say and not too many words, so I’ll try to keep it brief. My biggest focus, if elected your coordinator of Social Activities, will be to put forward only the events you really want. The student body will be able to propose and vote on potential events through a brand new platform. I also promise to maintain the best balance I can between carrying on the traditions we love and finding room for the ones we want. Whether it be scavenger hunt or murder mystery, karaoke or trivia, I hope you put your trust in me to make all of it a reality. 


Hala Aboasali

Kiarash Takhsha

Hey everyone, it’s Kia! I hope everyone’s had an amazing week! A quick summary of my ideas that I would organize as Coordinator of Social Activities: 

- Marilympics: college-wide tournaments for all types of activities such as sports, esports, board games, talent, math…

- Karaoke APs

- Trivia nights

- Game shows

- Winter activities: tubing, skiing, skating

- Out-of-school events: art expositions, plays

- Parties/Clubs: themed or not

- Summer activities: water parks, amusement parks, kayaking, beach…

What do you say? Let’s have fun! To find more out about my ideas, give a quick look at my website:

Wendi Liu

Hey there! I’m Wendi and here’s a summary to close off my campaign! From bigger events such as MariMET gala, the Winter Carnival, and a beginning of the year festival to smaller activities such as escape rooms and study nights, I’ve proposed various ideas throughout campaign week because I know we all have a different definition of fun. With never ending creativity and experience in event planning in both highschool and at Mari, I’m determined to make next year a fun one for everyone!     


Check out my insta campaign for more:


See you around! :)

Coordinator of Social Justice

David Ji

Hi everyone, I'm David Ji and here's an overview of my ideas: offering more volunteering opportunities, such as tutoring programs for underprivileged children, helping the homeless, and supporting victims of domestic violence. Additionally, organizing fundraising events for social justice causes, advocacy and social media campaigns, and much more! I'm passionate, thrilled, and eager to offer you an incredible semester!


Remember, your vote counts! Don't let it go to waste!

Harnoor Malhi

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for your engagement and support throughout this past week, it is thanks to your informed decisions that Mari will have a Congress ready to make change. I hope that throughout my campaign I have demonstrated to you my passion and competency for this role. I believe what sets me apart from other candidates and why you should vote for me now is my clearly actionable and multifaceted plans that will draw together diverse groups to make engaging with and developing solutions to social issues easier, more personalized, and tangible. Happy voting :)

Karimata Barry

I strongly believe in the value of student-led initiatives to create meaningful change and create the possibilities to better acknowledge and ground the differences among us. If elected, I will aim for collaboration between clubs to create meaningful change and expand their reach. Also, I plan to organize Community Service Days for students to volunteer at organizations that address social justice issues. Finally, I want to implement new mental health resources to support the students and create relaxed student spaces.


When You Say Barry for Social Justice, You've Said It All

Coordinator of Student Advocacy

Aashish Kalachand Bissoon

Esteemed Students, 

If you don’t know me, you might be familiar with my nickname: the guy in the blue suit! I have been very active in student life. I represent our school in Model UN, business competitions and I am also part of First Aid. I stand to promote mental well-being, diversity, and the protection of the environment. My leadership qualities got me to represent students on the board of directors of my high school and our community will benefit from my experiences. As Student Advocate, I will ban pop quizzes, create an All-Colours Day and an on-campus composting system.

Alexander Laurin

Hey, thanks for coming to vote :) As the Coordinator of Student Advocacy, I’d like to bring:

- more transparency;

- better access to information about AP events, programs, scholarships, internships, etc.; and

- more student feedback to give you what you really want/need.


Whether you like these ideas or have others in mind, I’m confident in my ability to advocate for you with passion and years of experience in debate and student government. 


It’s not too late to learn about my campaign, so if you’d like more info, check out my campaign website ( and Instagram (@alexanderlaurin_msu)!


Matthew Jin

Hi everyone!

I’m Matthew, and to sum up my campaign, I intend to clarify the IPESA and facilitate grade appeals, increase networking opportunities, host subject-specific workshops during exam periods, and create a Food Committee with the potential to lower cafeteria prices. For more information, please take a look at my website,


I am looking forward to fighting for your needs next semester. Let me make the changes you want to see!


Nathan Thomas

Hello, Marianopolites! Those who have been following my campaign will know that electing me for Student Advocacy will allow me to commit to improving all students' lives. Through enhancing and developing new student services, updating student union constitutions, and, most importantly, representing you when needed, I believe I have the potential to accomplish these goals. My understanding of the role of this position comes from my involvement on the student advocacy committee and my experience representing and improving my community's youth on the Pointe-Claire youth advisory board, for a second term. Follow me: @nathan_advocacy

Do you have a question for your candidate?

Join the electoral debate that will be happening on March 28th in the Auditorium during AP. The session will be also live streamed on the official MSU Facebook page.


Tianen Zhang

This is Tianen, and I am asking YOU to take on the responsibility of voicing our opinions and fighting for our cause. As the Student Advocacy, I will offer what is beyond my best to pursue a just system for all students. However, we need to understand that no matter who gets elected, if the students failed to act, no change will ever happen. So I say, don't vote for me, don't vote for your friends, but instead, vote for yourself, let yourself decide who is the right one for the position and take on your responsibilities as the students of Marianopolis.

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