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Meet The Candidates

Coordinator of External Affairs

Calvin External.png


To vote or not to vote, there is no question. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your time to make

your voice heard. I am a candidate that will organize Montreal Wide Career/Internship fairs,

university and scholarship information conferences and much more. If elected, my first task will

consist of polling YOU for YOUR ideas and suggestions. Today, this vote is more than an

election - This vote is about the legacy we want to leave to Marianopolis, and I ask for your

vote, your trust and your partnership as we, united together, work towards an even better


Nishith External.png


Dear Marianopolis students, My name is Nishith and I’m a candidate for the Coordinator

of External Affairs position. If I’m elected, (all thanks to your votes) there are several things I would hope to carry out during my term.

 Increase Marianopolis’ relationships with Universities

-  Increase internship and research opportunities

-  Create a network between all English Cegep students (creating a community)

As for the intercollegiate project that the Coordinator of External Affairs has to organize, I am

planning on organizing a carnival event open to all Cegep students to raise money for the

charity of your choice.

Michael External.png


Hi, I’m Michael. 

My priority: provide more opportunities for students:

More adequate funds for clubs (through partnerships with companies);

Connecting clubs with their equivalents in other CEGEPs for large-scale events;

Networking events with professionals and other CEGEPs;

Practical and informative seminars;

Fun intercollegiate events for you to see your friends;

Themed events and food festivals.

Plenty of promotion ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on the fun!

Easy Google Forms system for your ideas!

Vote for a former student council President who has experience organizing events with other


@michael4msu on Instagram for more information.

Angie External.png


Hi!! After countless hours of planning, editing, and too many cups of coffee, it’s finally time to

vote. My name is Angie, and I hope you buckle up, because I have TONS of scrumptious

ideas and activities for the upcoming year! 

Here’s what you can expect:

-Themed events/competitions with other CEJEPs (sports, debates, hackathons, art, food…)

-Student-for-a-Day opportunities at different universities

-Networking events with Marianopolis alumni

-Guided hospital, labs, and industry visits

-And more!!

Psst: Check out @angie4msu for details (it’s worth it, I promise ;))

Thank you all so much for your support, and let’s #voteAngie4Mari! ♡

Dong Lai External.png

Dong Lai

My name is Dong Lai and I’m a first-year A&S student. Here is a quick summary

of me.

-interests: violin, aviation, cooking, cycling

-achievements: 3-year class president, Spanish certification, selected “most

interesting and interested” person by 3 teachers last year, concertmaster during

one concert

-competencies: easy to talk to, pragmatic decisions


-Facilitate communication to make organizing intercollegial events easier

-Strengthen ties with other English colleges

-Establish relations with French colleges


-Sport competition between colleges involving teachers and students with

proceeds going to charity

-Intercollegial talent show or hackathon

-Always open for suggestions :)

Kathleen External.png


Hey, it’s Kath!

I hope my sincerity and motivation showed throughout my campaign :D!

A brief summary of my goals:

- organize diverse events that cater to everyone’s range of interests

- create events and other networking opportunities in collaboration with universities

- optional surveys and polls to evaluate students’; interests

Please consider ranking me first!

Don’t hesitate to check out my card website for more details:

Mona External.png


Hi! Are you ready for the craziest year ever? 

With ideas such as crazy parties, networking events and themed occasions, get ready for the most fun you’ve ever had.  

Put your money on Mona, you won’t regret it.

MJ External.png

Marilena (MJ)

Hi! I’m MJ, you might’ve seen the Barbie poster in the A-wing. @mj4msu on insta.
Why me:
- Prior experience, such as four years as a student council executive at Royal West.
- Your best interests will come first.
If I’m elected:
- Intercollegiate events: socials, parties, games (mini-golf/laser tag/capture the flag…)
- Intercollegiate ARTS/FILM/PHOTO fest (like we have at Marianopolis, but with
different schools included)
- Intercollegiate riff-off (like in Pitch Perfect)
- Open and effective communication of events, happenings, etc between students and

Coordinator of Cultural Affairs

Elyar Cultural.png


I am Elyar.

A Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian and Muslim that struggled to find a social community

because of my differences in high school, I wish to unite and solidify the diverse potential

connections between the plethora of ethnicities at Marianopolis rather than let segregation take


Elements of different cultures I adore and have experience in include foods, music and history.

Plans I have include custom sharing days, unique food potlucks, an “artistic” performance

fundraiser using our native languages and Religion for a day (for atheists).

Thank you, merci, terima kasih, sağ olun for your time and votes.

Nadeen Cultural.png


Hello! My name is Nadeen. I am running for this position because I am truly interested in the

diverse student body here at Marianopolis. I find that it is easiest to learn and connect with

other people through activities. Some of my ideas include outdoor or indoor movie viewing of

cultural films, a cultural food festival with different food trucks, cultural guest speakers coming

to school, holiday celebrations, Culture Week, diverse dance workshops, cultural crafts such as

Chinese calligraphy and Palestinian embroidery. I also intend to plan events for Heritage

Months. Getting to know you is what’s important to me.

Issa Cultural.png


Hi dear voters,

I am Issa Abdourahamane, a first-year student in Arts & Sciences. As someone who is actively

participating in a wide variety of activities, such as basketball, music performances, modelling

shows, community service, and much more, I am confident to say that I am very well equipped

for enriching student life at Marianopolis, as the Coordinator of Cultural Affairs. This year at

Marianopolis, I will implement a cultural fashion runway, a clothing and food drive for homeless

people, thematic days and organize parties and cultural trips. For more information, click here: For a fun year, vote Issa!

Emma Cultural.png


Hello Voters!

I’m Emma Birlean! You may already have seen my poster, debate, and participated in my

kahoot, but here’s a general description of what I want to do for the upcoming semester:


1. International Dessert Tasting Club

2. International Movie Club

3. International Music Club

4. International Book Club

Culture Week

- International Game workshops (Chess, Mancala, Rummy, Lotería, Go, etc.)

- Civil Rights Movements Workshops (learning and tasting food, music and other forms of

art that emerged during this movement)

- Feminism Workshops

- LGBT Culture (Hanky code, Carabiners, Birkenstocks and more!)

My instagram is @em_msu for more information!

Put the Em in MSU and vote for Emma!

Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering

Sara Tian CV.png

Sara Tian

Hi there, this is a recap of my letter of intent :)

1. I am resourceful. During my volunteer experiences, whether at school, at the YMCA or at the

Banque omnium nationale, I got to develop new connections and skills to help you find your

right volunteer opportunities or help create fundraisers.

2. I adapt according to feedback. No matter what I do, I always seek for feedback, even with

the drawing of Capybara on the poster! If I get elected, my focus would be about volunteers

at Marianopolis not getting hungry or exploited. A google form would most likely sent after

an event to know more about your experience.

3. I love capybaras.


Emily CV.png


Hey! Emily here :)

The big day has arrived! If you’re looking for someone who’s engaged and always down

to help for this position, this is it!

Here’s what I am planning on doing this semester, just to name a little:

• Help my peers find and contact interesting volunteer opportunities!!

• Organize fundraisers through:


• Sales (bake sale, candy/snack/hot coco bar, arts and crafts sale, etc.)

• Raffles!!

• Christmas baskets for food banks

• Clothing/personal items donations

• Coin races

• More on my Instagram!!


Learn more about my qualifications on my Instagram: @emily4charities @rhemeleh


See you soon >:) Vote for Emily!


Armita CV.png


Howdy! Armita here, ready to rock the stage as the next Coordinator of Volunteering and

Charities. Picture this: a blend of confidence, charisma, and humour; yep, that’s me! With a

resume that reads like an adventure novel and experiences that dance like disco lights, I’m your

go-to gal for this role. I’m all about community vibes and making sure our student body has a

blast while doing good. Dive into the whirlwind of my awesomeness on my website. Trust me,

you won’t be able to resist clicking that link! 

Chelsea CV.png


Hi! As your Coordinator of Volunteering and Charities, I, Chelsea Zhang, wish to bring

meaningful change and create an enjoyable environment at school. If I’m elected, every student

will have the right opportunities to help narrow their path for future education or careers.

To do so, I envision many projects to come, including:

Create joint fundraisers for Marianopolis clubs and external organizations

Support and promote students’ initiatives

Keep up the MVN (MariVolunteer Network)

Organize fun fundraising events for charities on campus (Shows, games, parties, etc.)

Find me on Instagram: @chelsea4msu or my website: 

Do you have a question for your candidate?

Join the electoral debate that will be happening on March 28th in the Auditorium during AP. The session will be also live streamed on the official MSU Facebook page.

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