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Enter the News Blitz and Mari on Air, Marianopolis' official student-led newspaper and social media which cover all the important student-life information you will need.

Mari News, Accessible Anywhere.

MariNews is a branch of the Marianopolis News Blitz, the official Marianopolis newspaper, that covers all student-life related news. 

With her dozen of avid writers and the support from the other branches of the News Blitz, Hiba Saji Eddine, Editor of MariNews, collaborates with the MSU Congress to cover club activities, Student Affairs activities, Congress weekly meetings, events, giveaways, and awards, and any other important piece of information that pertains to student life at Marianopolis.

Take a look at the MariNews section of the News Blitz' website here! Feel free to visit the rest of the website, and the News Blitz as a whole as well!


Congress Weekly

Every week, Congress meets on Friday to discuss initiatives and strategies, plan upcoming events and debate on better courses of action.

The News Blitz attends each meeting and summaries what is relevant to the student body. This Congress Weekly report gives much insight on what is coming up in the next few weeks pertaining to student life, as well as on what Congress members have been up to recently.

Click here to read last week's Congress Weekly!

Mari On Air, the pinnacle of news turned comedy.

Mari on Air is a news-related club that films short videos every week, notably mentioning important information about current and upcoming events both in and out of Marianopolis.

You might have heard them speak through the intercom at the beginning of each AP, or in story reposts of their hilarious content.

Congress is happy to collaborate with Natasha Marz and Ivan Belichki's creative genius to make student-life related information accessible in an entertaining and engaging manner.

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