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Upcoming Elections
and Appointments

Everyone, get ready for another round of elections! The W23 semester has 2 weeks of elections and 1 week of appointments, but let's focus on one at a time.

Starting on Friday, March 17th, 2023, first-year students will be able to apply to the position of Coordinator of Social Justice, Social Activities, Student Advocacy, and Communications, and Vice-President of Finances of the 2023-2024 MSU through this page, with only their CV, schedule, and a letter of intent. The deadline to apply is Saturday, March 25th, 2023, at 11:59 PMAfter this date, candidates will be contacted and given more information about the next steps.

Elected Candidates will also not need to submit a Nomination Form at the time of their application. This will be needed two weeks after the application deadline (more info in Handbook).

Coordinator Elections and Appointments Week will take place from April 10th - April 14th.

Elected positions (info in Elections Handbook below):

1 - Coordinator of Social Justice

2 - Coordinator of Student Advocacy

3 - Coordinator of Social Activities

Appointed positions:

1 - Coordinator of Communications: The Coordinator of Communications manages all Congress, you guessed it, communications. Chief among her duties are managing the Congress website and various social media, coordinating with communications clubs, and maintaining student bulletin boards, posters, and advertisements. The Coordinator of Communications also acts as the Chair of the Communications and the Yearbook committee.

Current Coordinator of Communications: Emily Ho,

2 - Vice-President of Finances: The Vice President of Finance is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of all MSU Clubs. As Chair of the College’s Finance Committee, the Vice President of Finance is also tasked with, among other things, managing the budget of the MSU, filing all budget requests, and presenting accurate financial reports to members of Congress.

Current Vpf: Katarina Bunakova,


  • You may apply to 1 elected positions and as many appointed positions as you want, simultaneously.

  • Candidates will get to meet with current position holders individually after applying.

  • Before applying, it is strongly recommended to have read the MSU Constitution.

  • Appointed candidates will go through an interview process during Appointments Week.

  • Any questions pertaining to the current position holders can be asked by contacting them through the "About our team" page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Chief Electoral Officer at through this button                        or through MiO to Luc Bojorquez-Lopez .


Winter 2023 Application Form

Apply for any second-year position of the 2023-2024 MSU Congress through this form with your CV, intent letter and Winter schedule.

W23 MSU Application Forms 

Winter 2023 Position Nomination Form (due 2 weeks after application deadline):

Winter 2023 Elections Handbook:

Your No. 1 reference throughout the elections, this handbook contains everything you need to know, from detailed descriptions of each position available to electoral guidelines and rules to demerit points to a timeline of the elections. Read it thoroughly and refer back to it when in doubt!

W23 Elections P/VP Handbook

W23 Coordinator Elections/Appointment Handbook

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