New Clubs

Explore the newly-founded or revived clubs that Marianopolis has to offer.

Young Poet's Society

A community of people whose goal is to help foster the best possible environment for young poets and writers as well as aspiring poets and writers. We share each other's (and established writer's) poetry, write together, engage in writing activities and workshops and help spread a general appreciation for creative writing!

Meetings: Once a week, either Tuesday or Thursday during AP

Activities: Collective poetry writing sessions (where we all brainstorm and write one original piece), Poetry readings (in front of club members AND in front of a more general audience), Writing challenges (timed writings, writings based on prompts...), and more!

Want to join? Contact Zaeem Hossain!

Ultimate Frisbee

Our club (and team) aim to improve the skills of our members in the sport of ultimate frisbee. We have a fall season and spring season, both during which we compete in several fun tournaments against other colleges. We also offer opportunities to tryout for higher level teams outside of Marianopolis.

Meetings: Monday and Thursday, 6-8PM

Activities: Tournaments

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STEM Fellowship Branch

STEM Fellowship is a student-run, national organization that provides a platform for students interested in STEM fields to connect with one another and with professionals, engage in research and improve skills in scholarly writing. We seek to enable students to learn collaboratively, express their passion and love for science, and extend the scope of human knowledge through scientific, multidisciplinary inquiry.

Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities: Recruitment sessions, Skill/career-oriented workshops, Coding and Scholarly writing workshops, and competition info sessions.

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Marianopolis Pride Club

The club’s goals are to promote awareness of, provide support to, host events associated with, and represent the LGBTQIA2S+ community of Marianopolis College. We provide a safe space for queer students and bonding time so that they feel a sense of solidarity and familiarity amongst people with similar experiences.

Meetings: 4-5 times per semester during AP on campus or after school.

Activities: Gatherings, game nights, movie nights, hangouts (picnic), volunteering

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Hackers for Humanity

Hackers for Humanity aims to create a collaborative learning opportunity for students to learn to code, and apply their knowledge to solve-real world problems relating to social justice.

Meetings: Collaborative learning sessions every second week during Tuesday AP.

Activities: Brainstorm sessions, coding sessions where members can ask their questions about coding or bring up concerns/problems that they have

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Hillel Marianopolis

Join Hillel Marianopolis to learn more about Jewish culture and have super fun activities in and out of school!

Members (last year): 70

Activities: Holiday tablings, celebrations and parties at the hillel house, awareness activities on antisemitism, opportunities to meet and hang out with other jewish students and more!

Want to join? Contact Amanda Sultan by Mio!

Daemon's Quill

Dear Writers, Join us if you love writing, if you love learning about writing, and if you want a safe space to awaken your potential.

Activities: Workshops, kahoots, get feedback, literary magazine...

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Mari On Air

Mari On Air is a student life news channel and radio that reports on current events within student life at the College through the creation of weekly videos and intercom announcements during AP.

Members (last year): 10
Meetings: 2x per week (1 during AP, 1 after school, days tbd)

Activities: ^kinda same thing as club description^

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The Great Mari Bake Off

Calling all experienced and inexperienced Marianopolis Bakers (as well as the curious-minded ;)) Ever wanted to compete on those TV Baking shows? Get ready to whisk it all and we'll make those sweet dreams come true ~ Our meetings will happen once a month in person, our activities include taste test and voting for your favourite dessert.

Meetings: Thursday

Activities: Baked goods tasting and judging.

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Marianopolis Skin I Care 

Marianopolis Skin I Care Club is an organization that promotes skin protection, health and positivity through various interactive activities.

Meetings: To be determined ... but usually during AP

Activities: Face masks relaxation sessions, Conference/workshops with a dermatologist (to be confirmed...), Skin care 24/7 challenge, and more to come... and open for activity ideas ;)

Want to join or learn more? Contact Mia Hao or Vedha Veluchar Chelot by Mio, skinicare_mari on Instagram or 

Marianopolis Engineering Society

Are you good with your hands, passionately imaginative or a beast with computers? From building engineering projects to potato cannons, the Marianopolis Engineering Society was created to solve YOUR real world questions and problems through the infinite creativity and passion of our future engineers! Join a group of passionate minds, and let's create some cool projects!

Meetings: Every two weeks (During AP)
Activities: Designing sessions, brainstorming in teams, and a lot of time spent with hands-on creation of our projects!

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Music Discovery

Exploring new genres, styles and eras of popular music to expand your knowledge of the medium, encourage delving further into new music, and allow you to recognize music as more than just background noise.

Meetings: 1:00-1:45 Tuesdays

Activities: Listening sessions, group sharing and discussion about music listened to on own time, presentations about certain musical concepts

Want to join? Contact Ezra Grossman or

Jack.Org Mental Health Awareness

We are a club of with passionate people who share one thing in common: Mental Health Awareness. We are a club that is paired with a non profit organization called Jack.Org which is a Canadian organization that focuses on empowering Youth to be able to talk about Mental Health issues. We are planning to join other Jack.Org Chapters to host an inter-collegiate event with student speakers, have fundraisers during the school year (and no, not bake sales) and we host weekly to go weekly meet ups to talk about whatever is on members minds on mental health!

Meetings: Usually Tuesday’s during AP, some evening meet ups with pizza ;)

Activities: Weekly discussions, speaker events and fundraisers, team ups with the counselling team, etc

Want to join? Contact Youdas Yessad by Mio!

ae studio at Marianopolis

ae studio at Marianopolis is a nonprofit club to provide an opportunity for students to explore their creativity through the form of artistic creation, more specifically, accessories making. We organize tutorial sessions (with provided materials) to the students during the activity period to enhance their creativity skills.

Meetings: Once or twice per month

Activities: Tutorial sessions, collaborate with charitable organizations.

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Marianopolis Rock Band

Do you want to find a platform where you can form a band? Are you still going through the fact that you can't find a teammate to play music with, even though you have great talent? This is a wonderful platform where everyone can find their teammates and form their own band.

Meetings: Every AP

Activities: Playing music in general

Want to join? Contact with Yuke Wu, Yiwen Su or Minyi Yuan!

Mood Booster

The purpose of Mood Booster is to spread positivity and happiness through acts of kindness. All initiatives aim for one fundamental objective: to make people smile. :)
Ultimately, we hope it will inspire students to contribute positively to their community!

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
— Leo Buscaglia

Meetings: Decided as a group (can be during AP or after school), usually once every two weeks.

Activities: Handing out positive messages and flowers, kindness cafe-hunting… boost moods!

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Web Development Club

The Web development club is all about learning how to create full-scale web applications.

Meetings: Zoom meetings every friday afternoon.
Activities: Members will learn to code in Javascript or C# and collaborate with others to create complex web applications.

Want to join or leanr more? Contact Eric Lu!

MarianArtist World

MarianArtist World aims to let students enjoy drawing and encourage them to show their creativity, wether they are expertises or just getting started, we always provide a friendly environment for students to discuss their artwork and obsorb the experience form each other to improve themselves.

Meetings: Once a week during AP

Activities: Teamwork drawing, individual drawing contest, drawing workshop and art sale.

Want to join? Contact Yan Yu!

Marianopolis Career Club

The Career Club aims to help students in their career choice by providing jobs and research opportunities to explore various the fields of expertise.
Members will be able to attend seminars given by professionals in different careers.

Meetings: Once a month, either online or during AP

Activities: Conferences from professional career guest speakers who come from diverse backgrounds; Research, job and internship opportunities to explore careers; Join a Career Day...

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Photography & Videography Club

The goal of our club is to gather the students who are interested in photography or videography in Marianopolis. We will develop many different skills throughout this semester.

You don't need to be professional, we also welcome beginners to join our club. Come join us and learn some useful skills while having fun!

Activities: Learn how to take and edit photos and videos with practicing on the campus and at other places. We will also study some knowledge about cameras and other equipments. There are also workshops on drones: using drones for control and filming, and even learning how to set up and build drones.

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The First Beat

The First Beat welcomes all musicians and singers to share their love for music through fun and exciting performances as small music ensembles.

Meetings: Tuesdays during AP

Activities: Performances in hospitals, senior centers, kindergarten/primary schools, at graduation, etc.

Want to join or learn more? Contact Isabelle Wang!

Mari Algorithms

Mari Algorithms aims to let its members discover the basic data structures and algorithms in computer science. Members can share and discuss programming problems with other members. No previous programming experience is required. They can also participate in workshops to boost their competitiveness in programming contests.

Meetings: Once a month, during AP

Activities: Tutorials on computer data structures and algorithms
Workshops to prepare for programming contests
Friendly contests within the club

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Young Mind Magazine

Welcome to Young Mind Magazine, where the magics of imagination and written words happen! If you are looking to enhance your writing skills, to let your wildest thoughts and stories roam free, and/or to simply let your writings be seen by others, Young Mind Magazine is the perfect platform for you! In this club, you will be able to share your favorite stories with your peers, discuss concepts with professional writers, and enjoy with friends the most relaxing reading/writing sessions the college has to offer. We will provide you with weekly prompts that can allow for the most unexpected and diverse stories. Moreover, we seek to publish your works in the form of organized literary magazines every semester. This club is focused on creating works of all genres of fiction, with a consistent theme of “Fantasy and Imagination”. However, this does not mean you can only submit fictional stories to us, as all types of literary creations are welcome, including academic essays you write for class!

Meetings: Every week during AP (possibly on Thursdays)

Activities: Write short stories together, read and share stories, meet with professional writers, submit your writings to be published on our magazine each semester.

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MariMode is a club that aims to discuss, appreciate and promote different personal styles emerging from various cultures and interests with a focus on sustainability.

Meetings: Once to twice a month

Activities: Social media content, thrifting event, fashion show

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The Movember Club

The movember Club is a space of mutual encouragement for people whishing to participate in movember. It is also aims at educating whomever is interested on issues for which the money will be raised and donated. But what is Movember? Movember is an annual event that takes place during November, where participants are encouraged to grow their moustaches and raise donations to do so. Donations will go to the Movember Foundation which tackles issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.

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CIUSSS Volunteers

We work to provide the students at Marianopolis with volunteer opportunities at the CIUSSS Health Facilities for those who want to give back to the community or for those who seek experience in the medical field.

Times: On your own time

Activities: Volunteer at a CIUSSS Health Facility

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Marianopolis Indoor and Beach Volleyball Club

Are you an overworked Mari student looking to play a sport without all the commitment? The Mari VBC is here for you! We are a recreational club open to EVERYONE. Drop by the gym on Tuesday AP and play! If you want to go further in volleyball, this is also the perfect place for you!

Meetings: Tuesday AP

Activities: Recreational league play

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