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Social Impact Fund

The Social Impact Fund aims to provide Marianopolis student projects that positively impact local communities with the vital funding needed to upscale their reach.


Too often, students have difficulty securing sources of funding that are vital to ensure that community projects reach their intended goals. The Social Impact Fund addresses this problem by providing Marianopolis student projects with microgrants that are vital in covering essential operational costs that allow these projects to upscale their impact on local communities.

As a result, Marianopolis students working on a project that positively impacts local communities, whether it be in health, education, culture, innovation or finance, are eligible to apply for one of many 50$ microgrants before October 30, 2020, by following the information below.

Get Involved!


Marianopolis students working on community projects that involve health, education, culture, innovation or finance are eligible to apply for a 50$ microgrant to support their project’s impact and reach. To apply for microgrants, Marianopolis students are invited to fill out the application form for the Winter 2020 semester allocations at this link .


Sponsors play a pivotal role in empowering concrete student projects with concrete results. Any funds allocated by the Social Impact Fund will support the reach and impact of Marianopolis students who have an established history of dedicated community outreach and a drive for tangible results. As a result of such sponsorships, sponsors will receive high visibility among the Marianopolis student population and be associated with a series of impactful projects. To empower student projects through the Innovation Hub, please view our sponsors package for more information (package coming soon!).

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