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Join MSU Congress Committees!

The 14 MSU Comgress Committees are incredibly useful in creating engaging and enriching events for the student body.

We need people to help us brainstorm, create, and plan events, as well as to make sure everything runs smoothly. We look forward to working you!

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Join the FPC!

The Financial Policy Committee (FPC) is responsible for managing the money Congress gives to clubs through Club Grants.
Doing so, the FPC plays a major role in enhancing and improving the student life opportunities here at Marianopolis.

Deadline: Wednesday, September 21st, at 11:59 pm.
If you have any questions, contact Katarina Bunakova!

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Congress-Club Calendar

Worried you'll miss out on the many club activities going on at school? Interested in the upcoming Congress events, and on important deadlines for contests and rewards? We got you covered.

The Congress-Club Calendar stores all relevant student-life dates and their description in an easily-accessible place. Club executives, feel free to consult the Club Resources page for instructions on how to get your event on the Calendar!

Meet the team.

What is the MSU? Meet the students at the center of it all: working to protect your rights, serve your interests, and enrich your experience at the College. Learn about the various positions Congress has to offer, as well as their roles and their responsibilities. From our President to our Coordinators, find out how Congress is a part of your student life.


Mission Statement

The mission of Congress is to serve the students’ interests by maintaining a peaceful, enriching and enjoyable environment, by fostering education and social growth, by celebrating our cultural diversity, by encouraging charitable endeavours, by promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, by providing available assistance to persons in need, and by representing students within the College and the greater community.