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A Congress for You

Transparency. Community. Accountability. Our promise to you.

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Upcoming Elections

Welcome first years! Fall 2023 semester elections always happen hastily. But don’t worry, you will look back with pride on the amazing campaign/interviews you’ve led.  Within the election period, the six new members of the 2023-2024 MSU Congress team will be chosen.

Between August 28th, 2023 and September 7th, 2023, 6 elected and appointed first-year positions are available. 

The deadline to apply for Coordinator and Appointments is August 24th at 11:59 pm. More information on the "Upcoming Elections" page.

Right. Current Vice-President (left) and President (right) of the MSU.


Mari Volunteer Network

Check out the volunteering opportunities from clubs, student life animators, Charities & Volunteering Coordinator and their Committee and from ambitious students who love contributing to student life.

You can check out our Volunteering page through this button!

Meet the team.

What is the MSU? Meet the students at the center of it all: working to protect your rights, serve your interests, and enrich your experience at the College. Learn about the various positions Congress has to offer, as well as their roles and their responsibilities. From our President to our Coordinators, find out how Congress is a part of your student life.


Mission Statement

The mission of Congress is to serve the students’ interests by maintaining a peaceful, enriching and enjoyable environment, by fostering education and social growth, by celebrating our cultural diversity, by encouraging charitable endeavours, by promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, by providing available assistance to persons in need, and by representing students within the College and the greater community.

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