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Elevate your college journey by joining clubs that inspire, connect, and create memories. Whether you're an athlete, artist, thinker, or doer, we have a club here for you.



Basketball Club

Intramural Basketball League

Members (last year): 61

Meetings: Once a week during AP.

Activities: Basketball Games

Want to join? Contact Younes Baba Saci by Mio!

Marianopolis Pre-Med Society

Bring together students interested in medicine in an informative and inclusive and environment.

Members (last year): 150-300

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester after school on Zoom

Activities (last year): Conferences with medical students and doctors as well as interview preparation.

Want to join? Contact Mia Su by Mio!

Marianopolis Math Club

The Marianopolis Math Club (Marianopolis Mathematics Association) is a club for and by students interested in mathematics! We will cover cool math topics not usually seen in schools and prepare for math contests.

Members (last year): 98

Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Problem-solving meetings, contest- focused sessions and events like the Integration Bee.

Want to join? 

Enough's Enough

Enough's Enough is a club that focus on raising awareness of the social issue of childhood trauma, providing resources that help them recover from their childhood adversities to public and supporting traumatized children by collecting funds to charity through major events.

Members (last year): 26

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): BOBA days and psychological aid training.

Want to join? Contact Lim Ha by Mio!

Cardiology Club

Publish articles with the goal of educating our members and others.

Members (last year): 6

Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus and off campus.

Activities (last year): Instructed members on the advantages of publishing articles and what the structures of the articles should be.

Want to join? Contact Vedha Chelot by Mio!

WISE Marianopolis

WISE is a club that strives to empower women and other underrepresented minorities in the field of science. We raise money to fund a potential scholarship at the College in hopes of encouraging marginalized groups to pursue studies in science.

Activities (last year): Panels with guest speakers, bake sale snd selling stickers.

Want to join? Contact Julia Persechino by Mio!


We make movies and share our love for films.

Members (last year): 29

Meetings: Once a month during AP or during the weekend on campus and on Zoom.

Activities (last year): Film festival (showcased student-made short films and gave awards) and movie streaming.

Want to join? Contact Vanessa Nseir by Mio!

Marianopolis Tennis Club

We organize tennis matches between members at their local courts.

Number of Active Members (last year): About 50

Meetings: None
Activities (last year): 
Tennis Matches (around 30 matches organized during the fall)

Want to join? Contact Emma Asheghian by Mio!

Wellness Club

The Wellness Club aims to educate students on balance, time management, and helpful study tips. This club promotes setting attainable goals that contribute to a healthy lifestyle while learning how to be realistic. This club is a fun space to disconnect from the repercussions of toxic productivity and "hustle" culture. In other words, this is a guide to staying sane at Marianopolis!

Members (last year): 10

Meetings: Every 2-3 weeks, during AP

Activities (last year): Discussions about stress and how to succeed as Marianopolis students.

Want to join? 

The Comfy Club

Our club initiative is to create a safe space for students. We host activities to help whenever students feel overwhelmed or stressed, such as baking and crafting workshops, and we create calming lofi playlists for their studies.

Members (last year): 25

Activities (last year): Making Easter bead jewelry and outing at Ceramic Café.

Want to join? 

Marianopolis Werewolf Club

The purpose of our club is to let our members to relax from studying by playing a fun game-werewolf.

Members (last year): 20

Meetings: Once a week during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Werewolf Games

Want to join? 

Marianopolis Science Society

Comprised of the former Physics and Chemistry Clubs, the MSS focuses on stimulating the member's interests in science and encouraging a development of scientific reasoning.

Members (last year): 40

Meetings: To be determined.

Activities: Competitions for cash prizes (Kahoots), small scientific activities and guest speaker panels.

Want to join? Contact Max Chen Huang by Mio!

Grey Matters Movement

Grey Matters will work to raise awareness as well as fundraise for the Brain Foundation of Canada. This club will also aim to stimulate the scientific interest and involvement of fellow students through seminars about brain tumors and neuroscience.

Members (last year) 60
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Conference with a Marianopolis professor, sheep brain dissection and a visit to the Neurological Institute.

Want to join? Contact Mayuura Rajendram by Mio!


The Marianopolis Robotics Club is a team representing Marianopolis College in the annual CRC robotics competition, which includes the production of a high quality video, professional web design, construction of a showroom-worthy kiosk, software programming, and the design and engineering of a robot.

Members (last year): 17
Meetings: Every AP

Activities (last year): Working on robot, kiosk and programming, the competition (3-day long competition hosted at one of the 30 competing schools in the Montreal area) and end of year celebration party.

Want to join? Contact Andrea Abou-Haidar!

Shriners Children's Hospital Club

Educate students and raise awareness on neuromuscular conditions and injuries in association with the Shriners Children's Hospital through fundraising events, guest speaker events, information campaigns and much more.

Members (last year): 71
Meetings: Once every two weeks during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Educational Kahoots and charity events.

Want to join? 

Ecovillage Network (REDES)

Réseau pour l’Émergence et le Développement des Ecovillages au Sahel (REDES) is an organization that aims to create more ecofriendly and sustainable eco-villages in the Sahel region of Africa. Currently located in Sénégal, the organization aims to expand its reach into the neighbouring countries of Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and The Gambia. The club organizes fundraisers, raises awareness and gives various sources of aid to help REDES achieve its mission.

Members (last year): 10
Meetings: No set schedule/ irregular

Activities: Fundraisers

Want to join? Contact Philippe Carvalho-Guertin by Mio!

AI Club

Come have fun learning machine learning (get it?) and deep learning in Python! This club is beginner-friendly and very chill: coding experience is not required!

Members (last year): 57

Meetings: Twice a week during AP on campus.

Activities : Weekly Workshops on introductory Python and deep learning (computer vision, natural language processing, and more!)

Want to join? Contact James Liang by Mio!
Website sign-up: 

Study Sheep

Through small-scale studying and chilling sessions, Study Sheep aims to improve Marianopolis students' mental well-being by developing healthy habits related to time management, organization, and sleep, all in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Members (last year): 15
Meetings: Once every two weeks after school, in person and on Discord.

Activities (last year): Themed study sessions, raffles, surveys, and fundraisers

Want to join? 

Urban Roots

To make community gardens more accessible for people in and around Montreal, and with it to bring awareness to the environmental issues that govern our modern day world.

Members (last year): 25
Meetings: Once every two weeks during AP on campus and on zoom.

Activities (last year): Plant sales, badminton tournament and working towards a school garden.

Want to join? Contact David Thomas Li by Mio!

Badminton Club

The Badminton Club strives for equal opportunity of play for everyone, regardless of skill or level.

Members (last year): 30
Meetings: Once a week during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Badminton Tournament

Want to join? Contact Jun Ho Oh by Mio!

Montreal Chinese Hospital Club

The MCH Club unites student volunteers who seek to positively impact the lives of the MCH's senior residents. Volunteers participate in the hospital's intergenerational recreation program and special events, enriching the lives of our gonggongs and popos. Join us for in-person volunteering!

Members (last year): 40
Activities (last year): Weekly or bi-weekly volunteering at the Montreal Chinese Hospital

Want to join? 

Research Team

The Marianopolis Research Team (MRT) seeks to provide CEGEP students with professional experience in research fields. Members are given the chance to write and publish articles, allowing them to hone their critical and scientific thinking. 

Members (last year): 12

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Seminars, field trips and professor panels.

Want to join? Contact Xiaoxiao Liu by Mio!


Coda is a student-led fundraising initiative that has rapidly grown into an intercollegiate association in official collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). Our goal? Raise funds and awareness as well as to inspire the leaders of tomorrow to take action in the fight against cancer! 

Members (last year): 10
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester on Zoom.

Activities (last year): Awareness seminars and fundraising events.

Want to join? Contact Edward Hee Yun by Mio!

Silver Key

We are the official student ambassadors of Marianopolis College. Through our involvement in an array of events and activities related to the recruitment of new students, such as Open House, Silver Key's goal is to portray the dynamic and nurturing school spirit present within the Marianopolis community to prospective students and their parents.

Members (last year): 40
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP or after school on Fridays on campus or on Zoom.

Activities (last year): Campus tours during open house, online high school visits or registration helplines.

Want to join? Contact Stevia Andreou by Mio!

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other dental and facial conditions. The objective of this club is to raise awareness and funds for children with facial deformities irrespective of where they live and/or their socio-economic condition.

Activities : Fundraisers such as bake sales, movie nights, raffles, spirit weeks, and sports tournaments.
Meetings: Tuesdays or Thursdays during AP (depending on the week)

Want to join? Contact Talia Trottenberg or 

Hallyu XV

Our mission is to propagate our passion for dancing, singing, rapping, and evening playing an instrument. We accomplish this mission by performing at several events to showcase our efforts and our skills.

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Twice a week.

Activities (last year): Welcome back event, bake sale, rose sale, dating show dance number and end of year Hallyu show.

Want to join? Contact David Sun by Mio!

Doctors Without Borders

The Doctors Without Borders club's main goal is to raise funds for MSF through a series of activities and events. Our club also promotes awareness for Doctors Without Borders and allows you to get deeper insight into their work and how they respond in times of crisis.

Members (last year): 25

Meetings: First meeting to familiarize with the club and other meetings will happen before an event or activity.

Activities (last year): Fund raising activities, organize seminar hosted by Doctors Without Borders organization.

Want to join? 

Board Games Club

The Board Games Club is here for anyone who wants to play D&D, board game classics or learn new advanced ones. We want to make it easier for everyone to find people to play with.

Members (last year): 10
Meetings: Decided as a group (Can be AP/After School/Weekends)

Activities : Assorted board games and D&D

Want to join? 

South Asian (Desi) Club

Promote South Asian culture and diversity by organizing cultural events and break the cultural barrier and stigma faced in South Asia.

Members (last year): 30
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Henna stands and club reunions

Want to join? Contact Mathew Petros by Mio!

Romanian Voice of Marianopolis

To provide Romanians and any other Marianopolites interested in Romania with a place to connect with its culture and other members, in order to ultimately create a tighter-knit community.

Members (last year): 34
Meetings: AP, twice a month

Activities (last year): Bake sale for Ukraine, educational posts about Romania and creating mural representing Romanian traditions.

Want to join? 

Muslim Student Association

The MSA aims to create a safe environment and community for Marianopolis' Muslim students. By organizing social activities and providing a prayer room, we hope to enhance Muslims' experience at the college.

Members (last year): 25

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.
Activities (last year): Introductory meeting at the beginning of the year, volunteering opportunities, Ramadan Iftar and a Eid party.

Want to join? 

Trivia Competition Club

The Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club represents Marianopolis in Reach for the Top, a Canadian trivia championship.

Members (last year): 8

Meetings: Once a week during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Trivia Competition

Want to join? Contact Sari Warshawsky by Mio!


The purpose of MariMUN (Model United Nations) is to bring together people interested in politics, debating, and the United Nations as a whole. Essentially, club members attend different conferences where they have the opportunity to represent a specific country's stance on relevant issues discussed in different UN bodies.

Members (last year): 21
Meetings: Once a month during AP or in the evenings on campus.

Activities (last year): Training sessions and attending other MUN conferences.

Want to join?

Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation

Our club's main goal is to raise money for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. On a large scale, the impacts our club will make will affect the lives of many children for the better whether that may be just putting a smile on their face or helping fund a life saving treatment.

Members (last year): 30
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Bake sale and gingerbread decorating fundraisers

Want to join? Contact Joyce Choi by Mio!

Young Executives Business Club

The Young Executives Business Club invites you to join its community of like-minded and ambitious students who are interested in the real world of business! No prior knowledge of business required.

Members: 101
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities: Insightful business guest speaker talks (business professionals are invited to Marianopolis), and Workshops on business/entrepreneurship (business principles, making money online, side hustles...)

Want to join/learn more? 

Programming Club

Help aspiring students by teaching the basics of programming.

Members (last year): 45

Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Teaching the basics of programming.

Want to join? Contact Kenneth Chen by Mio!

Anime Club

Show and talk about Japanese animation, anime, to likeminded people and be a place for them to talk freely

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Once a month during Friday evening or during the weekend on Discord.

Activities (last year): Anime streaming and game night.

Want to join? Contact Mia Yu by Mio!

Origami Club 

We teach club members how to make different origami creations and spend our club meetings making origami in a relaxed and casual setting.

Members (last year): 10
Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Participated in ArtCon and sold origami to raise money for War Child Foundation

Want to join? Contact Stavroula Markomanolaki by Mio!

The Creative Route

Our club focuses on nurturing a community of student artists and raise funds and awareness to prevalent social issues through art activities.

Members (last year): 15-20

Meetings: Once a month during AP or during weekends on campus or on Discord.

Activities (last year): ArtCon with Origami Club or Santropol Fundraiser.

Want to join? Contact Norah Dupont by Mio!

Unheard Voices Book Club

To promote diversity in literature by encouraging members to discover books written by authors from a wide variety of backgrounds

Members (last year): 7
Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Book Club meetings (discussions and pizza) and Kahoots.

Want to join? Contact Norah Dupont by Mio!


MEDLIFE is a club that works with the organization MEDLIFE and partners with low-income communities in Latin America (Lima, Peru in June 2022) to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development initiatives. On Mobile Clinics, volunteers will have the opportunity to shadow our medical professionals, help run the triage, education, and tooth brushing stations, and help to complete a development project in one of the underserved communities.

Members (last year): 20
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Moving Mountains campaign event and Power Hour fundraiser.

Want to join? Contact Maria Vintila by Mio!
Want to join MEDLIFE (org)? 

Female Force

The Female Force strives to empower women from all walks of life across the world. Our mission is to allow the strength and beauty of every woman's unique experiences to shine. Our goal is to highlight all aspects of the struggles and the triumphs of women on a global scale and offer young women the tools to pursue success.

Members (last year): 28
Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Bake sale, clothing drive, self-defense courses (will do them this year too) and a women's cabaret

Want to join? 

Truth & Reconciliation Club

The Marianopolis Truth & Reconciliation Club aims to raise awareness around contemporary Indigenous issues and Canada's colonial history, all while creating a safe community for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Members (last year): 7
Meetings: Once or twice per semester during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Coffee and chatting introduction event, short film streaming and art sale.

Want to join? 

The Space Club

To educate students about human Space Travel.

Members (last year): 30
Meetings: Once a week during the weekend on Zoom.

Activities (last year): Spoke to astronaut on ISS and educational events.

Want to join? Contact George Adamopoulos by Mio!

The News Blitz

The Marianopolis News Blitz is a student-run newspaper that focuses on debating relevant issues, discussing the impact of modern art on society, as well as covering Congress’ actions and activities that occur on campus; we are the primary source of news of global and school events for Marianopolis students.

Members (last year): 14
Meetings: 2 or 3 times in the whole year, writing without meetings

Activities (last year): Students write on what they want to write, covering Marianopolis student life events and guest speakers.

Want to join? Contact Demetra Kritsidimas by Mio!

NHL Club

A club to allow fellow students the opportunity to discuss and express their opinions and passion for the NHL and respective teams. 

Members (last year): 23

Meetings: Only if required
Activities: Online/in-person discussions, fantasy hockey league, bracket challenge for playoffs and hopefully floor hockey games. Working on having viewing parties for major games, and a prediction game.

Want to join? 
Questions? Contact Daniel Wei by Mio!

Chinese Student Association

Our goal is to promote popular Chinese/Asian culture, encourage team-building, and involve students in event planning, as well as extending leadership and organization skills by hosting shows replicating popular reality tv shows.

Members (last year): 100
Meetings: Once every two weeks during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Dating show, mid-autumn festival, Chinese New Year celebration and Fantuan collaborations.

Want to join? 

The Pink Plan

Through fundraising and the promotion of our club, the Marianopolis Pink Plan aims to raise awareness about the different needs in women’s shelters within our communities.

Meetings: Once or twice a month during AP on campus.

Activities: Every semester our club will hold a fundraiser where students will be able to donate clothes which will be given to select women’s shelters.

Want to join? Contact Nehna Patel by Mio!

Descendants of the Dragon

The purpose of our club is to introduce Marianopolis students to the unique experience of dragon boat and to encourage them to participate in physical activities while having fun. We also introduce members to other dragon boat clubs that they might want to join in the future to further enrich their dragon boat experience.

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Rose sale, bake sale, weekly practices, PA workouts, summer practices and competitions.

Want to join? Contact Justine Lin by Mio!

Pre-Law Society

The Marianopolis Society of Law seeks to engage students who are actively interested in exploring and deepening their knowledge on the field of law. Furthermore, the club also seeks to provide opportunities to connect with individuals within the industry and to gain valuable experience.

Activities: Panels with guest speakers and a mock trial.

Want to join? Contact Samuel Wong by Mio!

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy club will allow you to learn and develop your thought processes, views, curiosity, and eloquence through philosophical discussions.

Meetings: Once a week during AP on campus.

Activities: Philosophical discussions.

Want to join? 
Questions? Contact Arash Meghdadi Esfahani by Mio!

Mari Young Leaders Organization

Since 2008, the Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization (MYLO) has been a leading business club on leadership/career development, business, and teamwork. MYLO helps its members develop executive skills for a competitive professional environment.

Members: 93
Meetings: 2-3 times per semester during AP on campus

Activities: Beginner-friendly business case studies/competitions, Workshops/seminars (CV, careers, business schools), and Internship opportunities.

Want to join/learn more? 


Investment Club

The Marianopolis Investment Club is the premier finance and investment club for young investors at Marianopolis. Whether you have no idea what a stock is or have outperformed the S&P 500 for the past 20 years, this club is for you!

Members: 144

Meetings: Once a month during AP.

Activities: Workshops/presentations (on investing, finance, personal finance), Discussions, Stock market competitions, Kahoot games, and Finance movie.

Want to join/learn more? 


Debate Society

To promote discussion and debate on controversial issues and hone public speaking skills.

Members (last year): 20

Meetings: Once a week, during AP.

Activities: Debate rounds with other club members.

Want to join? Contact Yu Ran Wang by Mio!

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club strives to provide an inviting space for students to take a break by sharing their culture through food or by learning to prepare food.

Members (last year): 50

Meetings: 2-3 times per semester, online or on campus.

Activities (last semester): Snow cone sale, cotton candy sale, cooking along streams on Discord

Want to join? 

Black Student Union

To promote multiculturalism within Marianopolis and strengthen the bond of the Black student body at Mari.

Members (last year): 16

Meetings: Once a week, during AP.

Activities: Games, movies, fundraisers, discussions

Want to join? Contact Emma-Sheryl Nana by Mio!

Black Widow

Black Widow aims to empower young women at the college to embrace a healthy lifestyle whilst thriving in their studies, and encourage movement and positive body image amongst female youth. From synchronous workouts, running sessions, to bike rides, Black Widow is a safe space for young women to become their best selves.

Meetings: Every 2 weeks

Activities (last semester): Synchronous group workouts and activities (Running, cycling, yoga, HIIT, etc.) and asynchronous workouts for ponderation hours

Want to join? Contact Catherine Wang or Sana Mhish by Mio!

Young Poet's Society

A community of people whose goal is to help foster the best possible environment for young poets and writers as well as aspiring poets and writers. We share each other's (and established writer's) poetry, write together, engage in writing activities and workshops and help spread a general appreciation for creative writing!

Meetings: Once a week, either Tuesday or Thursday during AP

Activities: Collective poetry writing sessions (where we all brainstorm and write one original piece)

Want to join? Contact Zaeem Hossain to sign up!

Ultimate Frisbee

Our club (and team) aim to improve the skills of our members in the sport of ultimate frisbee. We have a fall season and spring season, both during which we compete in several fun tournaments against other colleges. We also offer opportunities to tryout for higher level teams outside of Marianopolis.

Meetings: Monday and Thursday, 6-8PM

Activities: Tournaments

Want to join? 

STEM Fellowship Branch

STEM Fellowship is a student-run, national organization that provides a platform for students interested in STEM fields to connect with one another and with professionals, engage in research and improve skills in scholarly writing. We seek to enable students to learn collaboratively, express their passion and love for science, and extend the scope of human knowledge through scientific, multidisciplinary inquiry.

Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities: Recruitment sessions, Skill/career-oriented workshops, Coding and Scholarly writing workshops, and competition info sessions.

Want to join? 

Marianopolis Pride Club

The club’s goals are to promote awareness of, provide support to, host events associated with, and represent the LGBTQIA2S+ community of Marianopolis College. We provide a safe space for queer students and bonding time so that they feel a sense of solidarity and familiarity amongst people with similar experiences.

Meetings: 4-5 times per semester during AP on campus or after school.

Activities: Gatherings, game nights, movie nights, hangouts (picnic), volunteering.

Want to join? 

Hackers for Humanity

Hackers for Humanity aims to create a collaborative learning opportunity for students to learn to code, and apply their knowledge to solve-real world problems relating to social justice.

Meetings: Every 2 weeks during AP

Activities: Brainstorm sessions, coding sessions where members can ask their questions about coding or bring up concerns/problems that they have.

Want to join? 

Hillel Marianopolis

Join Hillel Marianopolis to learn more about Jewish culture and have super fun activities in and out of school!

Activities: Holiday tablings, celebrations and parties at the hillel house, awareness activities on antisemitism, opportunities to meet and hang out with other jewish students and more!

Want to join? Please send a MiO to Amanda Sultan

Daemon's Quill

Dear Writers, Join us if you love writing, if you love learning about writing, and if you want a safe space to awaken your potential.

Activities: Workshops, kahoots, get feedback, literary magazine...

Want to join? 

Mari On Air

Mari On Air is a student life news channel and radio that reports on current events within student life at the College through the creation of weekly videos and intercom announcements during AP.

Members (last year): 10

Meetings: 2x per week (1 during AP, 1 after school, days tbd)

Activities: ^kinda same thing as club description^

Want to join? 

The Great Mari Bake Off

Calling all experienced and inexperienced Marianopolis Bakers (as well as the curious-minded ;)) Ever wanted to compete on those TV Baking shows? Get ready to whisk it all and we'll make those sweet dreams come true ~ Our meetings will happen once a month in person, our activities include taste test and voting for your favourite dessert.

Meetings: Thursdays

Activities: Baked goods tasting and judging.

Want to join? 

Skin I Care Club

Marianopolis Skin I Care Club is an organization that promotes skin protection, health and positivity through various interactive activities.

Meetings: To be determined... but usually during AP

Activities: Face masks relaxation sessions, Conference/workshops with a dermatologist, Skin care 24/7 challenge, and more!

Want to join or learn more? Contact Mia Hao or Vedha Veluchar Chelot through MiO, skinicare_mari on IG or sign up here: 

Engineering Society

Are you good with your hands, passionately imaginative or a beast with computers? From building engineering projects to potato cannons, the Marianopolis Engineering Society was created to solve YOUR real world questions and problems through the infinite creativity and passion of our future engineers!
Join a group of passionate minds and enjoy your journey!

Meetings: Every two weeks (during AP)

Activities: Designing sessions, brainstorming in teams, and a lot of time spent with hands-on creation of our projects!

Want to join or learn more? 

Music Discovery

Exploring new genres, styles and eras of popular music to expand your knowledge of the medium, encourage delving further into new music, and allow you to recognize music as more than just background noise.

Meetings: 1:00-1:45 Tuesdays

Activities: Listening sessions, group sharing and discussion about music listened to on own time, presentations about certain musical concepts

Want to join? 

Jack.Org Mental Health Awareness 

We are a club of with passionate people who share one thing in common: Mental Health Awareness. We are a club that is paired with a non profit organization called Jack.Org which is a Canadian organization that focuses on empowering Youth to be able to talk about Mental Health issues. We are planning to join other Jack.Org Chapters to host an inter-collegiate event with student speakers, have fundraisers during the school year (and no, not bake sales) and we host weekly to go weekly meet ups to talk about whatever is on members minds on mental health!

Meetings: Usually Tuesday’s during AP, some evening meet ups with pizza ;)

Activities: Weekly discussions, speaker events and fundraisers, team ups with the counselling team, etc...

Want to join? 

ae Studio

ae studio at Marianopolis is a nonprofit club to provide an opportunity for students to explore their creativity through the form of artistic creation, more specifically, accessories making. We organize tutorial sessions (with provided materials) to the students during the activity period to enhance their creativity skills.

Meetings: Once or twice per month

Activities: Tutorial sessions, collaborate with charitable organizations.

Want to join? 

Marianopolis Rock Band

Do you want to find a platform where you can form a band? Are you still going through the fact that you can't find a teammate to play music with, even though you have great talent? This is a wonderful platform where everyone can find their teammates and form their own band.

Meetings: Every APs

Activities: Playing music in general

Want to join? Contact Yuke Wu, Yiwen Su or Minyi Yuan by MiO!

Mood Booster

The purpose of Mood Booster is to spread positivity and happiness through acts of kindness. All initiatives aim for one fundamental objective: to make people smile. :)
Ultimately, we hope it will inspire students to contribute positively to their community!

Meetings: Decided as a group (can be during AP or after school), usually once every two weeks.

Activities: Handing out positive messages and flowers, kindness cafe-hunting… boost moods!

Want to join? 

Web Development Club

The Web development club is all about learning how to create full-scale web applications.

Meetings: Zoom meetings every friday afternoon.

Activities: Members will learn to code in Javascript or C# and collaborate with others to create complex web applications.

Want to join? Contact Eric Lu by Mio!

MarianArtist World

MarianArtist World aims to let students enjoy drawing and encourage them to show their creativity, wether they are expertises or just getting started, we always provide a friendly environment for students to discuss their artwork and obsorb the experience form each other to improve themselves.

Meetings: Once a week during AP

Activities: Teamwork drawing, individual drawing contest, drawing workshop and art sale.

Want to join? Contact Yan Yu by Mio!

Marianopolis Career Club

The Career Club aims to help students in their career choice by providing jobs and research opportunities to explore various the fields of expertise.
Members will be able to attend seminars given by professionals in different careers.

Meetings: Once a month, either online or during AP

Activities: Conferences from professional career guest speakers who come from diverse backgrounds; Research, job and internship opportunities to explore careers; Join a Career Day...

Want to join? 

Photography & Videography Club

The goal of our club is to gather the students who are interested in photography or videography in Marianopolis. We will develop many different skills throughout this semester. You don't need to be professional, we also welcome beginners to join our club. Come join us and learn some useful skills while having fun!

Activities: Learn how to take and edit photos and videos with practicing on the campus and at other places. We will also study some knowledge about cameras and other equipments. There are also workshops on drones: using drones for control and filming, and even learning how to set up and build drones.

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The First Beat

The First Beat welcomes all musicians and singers to share their love for music through fun and exciting performances as small music ensembles.

Meetings: Tuesdays during AP

Activities: Performances in hospitals, senior centers, kindergarten/primary schools, at graduation, etc.

Want to join? Contact Isabelle Wang!

Mari Algorithms

Mari Algo is a community of students who share an interest in computer science, math, and problem-solving. Through workshops, members will learn basic and advanced data structures, various algorithms, and hone problem-solving skills. Members can share and discuss programming knowledge with each other, and prepare for programming contests in a collective effort.

Meetings: Once a month, during AP

Activities: Tutorials on computer data structures and algorithms
Workshops to prepare for programming contests. Friendly contests within the club

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Young Mind Magazine

Welcome to Young Mind Magazine, where the magics of imagination and written words happen! If you are looking to enhance your writing skills, to let your wildest thoughts and stories roam free, and/or to simply let your writings be seen by others, Young Mind Magazine is the perfect platform for you! In this club, you will be able to share your favorite stories with your peers, discuss concepts with professional writers, and enjoy with friends the most relaxing reading/writing sessions the college has to offer. We will provide you with weekly prompts that can allow for the most unexpected and diverse stories. Moreover, we seek to publish your works in the form of organized literary magazines every semester. This club is focused on creating works of all genres of fiction, with a consistent theme of “Fantasy and Imagination”. However, this does not mean you can only submit fictional stories to us, as all types of literary creations are welcome, including academic essays you write for class!

Meetings: Every week during AP (possibly on Thursdays)

Activities: Write short stories together, read and share stories, meet with professional writers, submit your writings to be published on our magazine each semester.