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There are over 100 clubs at Marianopolis, making them the backbone of student life at the College. Check them out here!

Club Affairs

Information about Club Planning Sessions, grant requests and reimbursements are available here!


Club of the Month:

Congratulations to the MCSA members and executives, who have shown incredible passion and dedication during the month of November.

The MCSA stood out in their efforts to contribute to Marianopolis student life by hosting their annual Dating Show, which was attended by almost 800 people. The event included many performances such as singing and dancing performed by groups from Marianopolis and other college schools, which helped present a new aspect of Asian culture. The show also helped promote inter-collegial friendships since they invited contestants and performers from various Cegeps, which tied students together from across the island.

To fundraise and promote the event the MCSA also hosted a bake sale this month.

Club of the Month:


Mari Films

Club of the Month:

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MarianArtist World

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