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Athletic Clubs

These clubs are for those who want to stay in shape, those who want to try out a new sport, or those who simply want to kick ass outside of academia, amateurs and athletes alike.
Photo credits: Clement Ba (Photography & Videography Club)

Basketball Club

Intramural Basketball League

Members (last year): 61

Meetings: Once a week during AP.

Activities: Basketball Games

Want to join? Contact Younes Baba Saci by Mio!

Marianopolis Tennis Club

We organize tennis matches between members at their local courts.

Number of Active Members (last year): About 50

Meetings: None
Activities (last year): 
Tennis Matches (around 30 matches organized during the fall)

Want to join? Contact Emma Asheghian by Mio!

Badminton Club

The Badminton Club strives for equal opportunity of play for everyone, regardless of skill or level.

Members (last year): 30
Meetings: Once a week during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Badminton Tournament

Want to join? Contact Jun Ho Oh by Mio!

Descendants of the Dragon

The purpose of our club is to introduce Marianopolis students to the unique experience of dragon boat and to encourage them to participate in physical activities while having fun. We also introduce members to other dragon boat clubs that they might want to join in the future to further enrich their dragon boat experience.

Members (last year): 50
Meetings: Once a month during AP on campus.

Activities (last year): Rose sale, bake sale, weekly practices, PA workouts, summer practices and competitions.

Want to join? Contact Justine Lin by Mio!

Ultimate Frisbee

Our club (and team) aim to improve the skills of our members in the sport of ultimate frisbee. We have a fall season and spring season, both during which we compete in several fun tournaments against other colleges. We also offer opportunities to tryout for higher level teams outside of Marianopolis.

Meetings: Monday and Thursday, 6-8PM

Activities: Tournaments

Want to join? 

Marianopolis Indoor and Beach Volleyball Club

Are you an overworked Mari student looking to play a sport without all the commitment? The Mari VBC is here for you! We are a recreational club open to EVERYONE. Drop by the gym on Tuesday AP and play! If you want to go further in volleyball, this is also the perfect place for you!

Meetings: Tuesday AP

Activities: Recreational league play

Want to join? 

Black Widow

Black Widow aims to empower young women at the college to embrace a healthy lifestyle whilst thriving in their studies, and encourage movement and positive body image amongst female youth. From synchronous workouts, running sessions, to bike rides, Black Widow is a safe space for young women to become their best selves.

Meetings: Every 2 weeks

Activities (last semester): Synchronous group workouts and activities (Running, cycling, yoga, HIIT, etc.) and asynchronous workouts for ponderation hours

Want to join? Contact Catherine Wang or Sana Mhish by Mio!

The Running Club

The Running Club is a home for runners of all levels to join each other on a run. No matter if you have never run, or have already completed marathons, come join us on a run!

Times: Once every two weeks, during AP.

Activities: Runs during activity period, workshop/presentation on running, sign-up to a Montreal race event.

Want to join?

Marianopolis Climbing Club

Our club’s goal is to create a encouraging and friendly space for climbers of all levels to improve and share their knowledge.

Times: Between 1 to 4 times a week.

Activities: Going to gyms to boulder and exercises to condition the body for bouldering a regular gym.

Want to join?

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